6/21/2021 Minutes

Call to Order by Angel Martinez at 7:10 pm. Second by Mustafa Arshad.

Approval of Minutes

Erik P motions to approve minutes from 6/21/2021. Allie Hughes seconds. Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports

  • President Angel Martinez
    • None
  • Vice President Alexander Gvatua
    • Absent ( Family Emergency)
  • Membership Director Allie Hughes
    • Nothing to report
  • Finance Director Ryan Globus
    • VTA family support with working partners USA. They have a gofundme for each victim if anyone wants to donate.
  • Political Director Mustafa Arshad
    • Be on watch new endorsement committee for candidates
  • Secretary Brenda Zendejas
    • No report

New Business

  • Board Elections
    • Nomination for President: Mustafa Arshad Nominated Alexander Gvatua, second by Allie Hughes
    • Nomination for Vice president: Mustafa Arshad Nominated Allie Hughes, Ali Sapirman seconded
    • Nomination for Membership Director: Angel Martinez nominated Christophe LaBelle, Allie Hughes seconded
    • Nomination for Finance Director: Ali Sapirman nominated Mustafa Arshad, Brenda Zendejas seconded
    • Nomination for Director of Finance: Ali Sapirman nominated Ryan Globus, Allie Hughes seconded
    • Nomination for Secretary: Ryan Globus nominated Ali Sapirman, second by Allie Hughes. Mustafa Arshad nominated Brenda Zendejas (Brenda Declined).
    • Angel moved to close nominations, Mustafa seconded (Angel made a friendly amendment to elect all candidates to SVYD board of directors, Mustafa accepted it)
    • Motion to elect all candidates for SVYD Board by Angel, Mustafa seconded
      • 20 ayes 0 nays 1 abstention
  • Motion to approve amendments to bylaws by Justin, Mustafa seconded
    • 14 ayes 0 nays 0 abstentions
  • Consideration for early endorsements for Peter Ortiz for District 5 City Council
    • Motion to early endorse Peter Ortiz for District 5 City council by Brenda Zendejas, Rohin Ghosh seconded
    • Ayes 16 0 nays 2 abstentions
  • Motion to suspend bylaws suspended by Brenda Zendejas, Rohin seconded
    • 12 ayes 3 nays 1 abstention
    • Motion to endorse Aisha for state senate by Rohin, Brenda Zendejas seconded
      • 16 ayes 0 no 0 Abstentions


Allie Hughes motions to adjourn at 9:10 PM.

7/19/2021 Agenda

SVYD Meeting Agenda


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of minutes
  3. Officer reports
    1. President: Alexander Gvatua
    2. Vice President: Allie Hughes
    3. Membership Director: Christophe Labelle
    4. Finance Director: Ryan Globus
    5. Political Director: Mustafa Arshad
    6. Communications Director: Ali Sapirman
  4. New Business
    1. Presentation from the Enough is Enough Voter Project on AB 1171: End the Spousal Rape Exception
    2. Consideration of endorsement for AB 1171
  5. Announcements
  6. Adjournment