SVYD Endorsement Process

SVYD’s endorsement process is lead by our Political Director. With a few exceptions, we begin our endorsement process after the filing deadline.
After the filing deadline, the political director reaches out to all candidates (and leading supporting/opposing organizations for non-candidate ballot decisions) to schedule an interview with our endorsement committee and to fill out our endorsement questionnaire.
Once the all the candidates for a race have been interviewed, the endorsement committee makes a recommendation. The recommendation is voted on at the March or April general membership meeting, depending on when the endorsement committee is ready to make a recommendation.
The general membership can vote to accept the endorsement committee’s recommendation or make a new motion for the endorsement. There are different voting thresholds for each of those actions. Please see our bylaws on our website for more information.
Would you like to join the endorsement committee? Contact Neil Park-McClintick.

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