Our Mission

The Silicon Valley Young Democrats (SVYD) pledge to pursue the ideas of liberty, justice and freedom for all regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.  To stimulate in young people an active interest in government affairs, increase the efficiency of popular government, maintain viability of our free institutions, and contribute to the growth and influence of the ideals and philosophy of the Democratic Party.

2014-2015 Executive Board

Alex Wara, President

Emily Ann Ramos, Vice President of Membership

Josh Barousse, Treasurer

Juan Quinones, Secretary

Jeffrey Cardenas, Political Director

Officers are elected for one-year terms at the June General Membership meeting. Any member in good standing may run for a position.  Please see our bylaws for more information.

SVYD Bylaws

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Past executive board

Agenda – June 15,2015

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Welcome, Introductions, and Potluck Officers Reports President (Alex Wara) Membership Director (Emily Ann Ramos) Secretary (Juan M. Quinones Treasurer (Joshua Barousse) Old Business Bylaw change (View amendment) Nomination of 2015-2016 officers New Business... READ MORE

Bylaws Amendment

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SVYD’s Participation in State Party Endorsements. As a chartered Democratic club, SVYD is entitled to participate in pre-endorsing conferences conducted by the California Democratic Party (“CDP”) at the regional level, as part of... READ MORE

SVYD General Membership Meeting May 18, 2015

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Welcome and Introductions Officers Reports President (Alex Wara) Membership Director (Emily Ramos) Women’s Leadership Committee Report Secretary (Juan M. Quinones Treasurer (Joshua Barousse) Political Director (Jeff Cardenas Old Business 1) Convention Re-Cap 2)... READ MORE