1/17/22 Minutes

Meeting Minutes



Call to Order by Allie Hughes at 7:06PM.

Approval of Minutes

Allie motions to approve minutes from 10/18/2021. Alexander seconds. Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports

President Alexander Gvatua

Vice President Allie Hughes

Political Director Mustafa Arshad

Membership Director Christophe Labelle

Communications Director Ali Sapirman

Finance Director Ryan Globus

New Business

  • Consideration of early endorsement for Richard Mehlinger for Sunnyvale City Council

    • Alexander motions to early endorse Richard Mehlinger, second by Ali Sapirman
    • Motion passes unanimously
  • Consideration of support for petition to keep Post Street closed to vehicle traffic
    • Mustafa motions to have SVYD sign onto the petition, second by Ali Sapirman
    • Motion passes unanimously


Allie Hughes motions to adjourn at 8:15PM, second by Alexander. Motion passes unanimously.