Agenda – November 16, 2015

I) Welcomes, Introductions

II) Speaker: SCCDP Women’s Gender Equity Committee

III) Officer Reports:
President (Alex Wara)
Membership Director (Emily Ramos)
Political Director (Justin Carvalho)
Secretary (Kathy Tran)

IV) Old business:
none to report

V) New Business:
Dude where’s my badge?
CYD Update

VI) Announcements


Minutes – October 19, 2015

Meeting called into order by President Alex Wara at 7:09 pm. Motion seconded by Amanda Montez.

Welcomes, Introductions

Speaker: State Senator Jim Beall

Officer Reports:

President (Alex Wara)
– CYD sign ups
Membership Director (Emily Ramos)
Political Director (Justin Carvalho)
– Early Endorsement: Josh B
Treasurer (Charles Wilson)
– Update: Still in the black
Secretary (Kathy Tran)
– E-blasts, posting job opportunities

Old Business
– Community Service project
– Tahoe Report

New Business
– Early Endorsement request: Joshua Barousse- District 8, SJ City Council
– eligible voters: 22; 21 ayes
– Motion: amanda m., second: andrae m.
– Charles called the Q

– SVYD Holiday Party
– Convention Planning Committee (Sign up)

– National political Women’s caucus workshop Sat – Emily R. announced, courtesy of Angelica Ramos
– Andrae M: Canadian elections
– Amanda Montez: oct 21st, 6 pm – gorden birsh supporting – planning commission hearing
– Peter Allen: save the date campaign kickoff at art boutiki @ dec 16 2015
– Ash Kalra: fundraiser @ contentintal dec 3 2015
– Noveed: pydems
– Matt: corinthean ballroom, shining stars
– Raul Peralez: need interns, participatory budgeting 6-8 pm at roosevelt
– Chris Roth:

Motion to adjourn by Andrae, seconded by Charles. The meeting ended at @ 8:21 PM.