Agenda – April 15, 2019

Welcomes and Introductions

Call into order by President

Motion to approve the minutes

Officer Reports:

  • President Kathy Tran
    • Outreach – Tabling Kit
    • Vote for a new tablecloth
  • Membership Director Antonia Zavala
    • SVYD Wildflower Hike
  • Political Director Angel Martinez
  • Treasurer Jonathan Perez
    • (Excused) No report
  • Secretary Alex Gvatua

Old Business: N/A

New Business:

  • SVYD Housing Committee Update
  • 2019 Convention
  • Update from Democratic Meeting with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
  • Victory Dinner from SCCDP



Minutes – March 18, 2019

3/18/2019 Mendicino Farms

Welcomes and Introductions
Call into order by President Kathy Tran at 7:20 PM
Members present: Antonia Zavala, Emily Ramos, Kathy Tran, Alex Gvatua, Ryan Globus, Andrew Crockett, Jesus

Guest speaker: Aaron Eckhart, from CA Yimby ac

Old Business: N/A
Officer Reports:
– President Kathy Tran: Motion to appoint Alex Gvatua as interim secretary, seconded by Angel Martinez. Unanimous votes in favor, 0 oppose, 0 abstentions.
– Membership Director: Nothing new to report
– Political Director: Update on local candidates announcing their campaigns
– Treasurer: Excused absence

New Business:
– SVYD Housing Committee Updates
– Announcement of mixer on. March 23, 2019 at Original Gravity
– Update on Bayshore development in Mountain View
– Consideration to endorse SB 50.
– Motion by Emily Ramos to endorse SB 50, seconded by Ryan Globus. Unanimous votes in support, 0 oppose, 0 abstentions.

– Antonia: April 19th at BOS – Voters Choice Act
– Andrew Crockett sharing his Op-Ed

Motion by Kathy Tran to adjourn the meeting at 8:31 PM, seconded by Andrew Crockett. Unanimous votes in favor, 0 oppose, 0 abstentions.

Minutes January 18, 2019

7:00 PM Welcomes and Introductions

Meeting called into order by President Kathy Tran at 7:18 PM.

Motion by Angel Martinez, seconded by Andrew Crockett. Unanimous vote in favor.

7:20 Introduction of guest speakers Josh and Ramona (co-founders of San Jose Spotlight)

  • -San Jose Spotlight is digital only
  • -website is up!
  • -Josh is Development Director
  • -Ramona is Chief Editor
  • -Platform is free to read
  • -No pay wall or advertising
  • -All contributor information is publicly available on website for disclosure purposes
  • -focused on government and politics reporting
  • -350,000 readership goal
  • -Aiming for 3,500 contributing members
  • Side note: $25 K overhead, $372,000 salaries (3 reporters, 1 senior reporter, Josh, and Ramona)
  • Multiple levels of membership with varied benefits

7:57 Officer reports

  • Lookin for Secretary by next month
  • Holiday party update
  • Associate members
  • John Kiminsky, assoc member
  • President hoping to do more mixers this year
  • Joint-club mixers to meet other Dems
  • Membership reports


  • Highlight May Dem convention
  • Membership perks

Political Director

  • Lots of young Dems in office
  • Look to 2020 for new members and candidates


  • Asking membership to suggest good food options
  • Fundraiser to help get more funds for the club
  • Stay tuned for mixers and additional events
  • Kathy comment on potential new venue

8:11 announcements

  • -Asm. Low Lunar fundraiser on Sun., Feb. 10th with former Gov. Brown
  • 4:30-8PM
  • -Kathy moderating a panel of recently elected young Dems Feb 8th 12 to 1 PM
  • -Antonia, princess project volunteering
  • -Feb 9th fire arm safety 10AM to Noon
  • -Sup. Cindy Chavez having women’s policy leadership summit Sun., Feb 2nd 8AM to 1PM
  • -Sergio Lopez newly elected ADEM 28 delegate. Extending time to bring more youth into convention and involve in politics
  • -looking at school funding assistance with Piedmont High. Asking for urgent examination of allocated funds with neighboring schools

Adjourn at 8:20

Motioned by Antonia Zavala, Seconded by Andrew Crockett. Unanimous vote in favor.

Agenda February 25, 2019

I. Call to Order by President Kathy Tran

II. Welcomes and Introductions

III. Guest Speaker: Census 2020

IV. Officer reports:

President (Kathy Tran)

  • Vacancies on Boards and Commissions

Membership Director (Antonia Zavala) Excused

Political Director (Angel Martinez)

Treasurer (Jonathan Perez)

  • Consent calendar: Reimbursement for Angel
    • Venue/Food costs $400

IV. Old business:

  • Convention

V. New Business:

  • Consider endorsement of ACA-8
  • SVYD Housing Committee
    • Updates from Co Chairs Ryan Globus and Alex Gvatua

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment

Agenda January 21, 2019

I. Motion to start the meeting

II. Welcomes and Introductions

III. Guest Speaker: Josh and Ramona Barousse, San José Spotlight, the city’s first independent nonprofit news organization

IV. Officer reports:

President (Kathy Tran):

  • We’re looking for a secretary on our eboard and taking nominations. Next month, we can motion to swear them in.
  • Holiday Party update

Membership Director (Antonia Zavala)

Political Director (Angel Martinez)

Treasurer (Jonathan Perez)

IV. Old business: none

V. New Business:

  • SVYD Survey 2019
  • CDP/CYD Convention

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment



Minutes 10.15.18

Commence 7:05 PM


Turkey trot and Santa Run plug from Michael Lomio

7:15 PM

Presentation for public banking

7:35 PM

Presentation from Matthew Quevedo from SVLG:

Yes on prop 1

No on prop 6

Measure V

Measure T

Kathy calling for approval of September minutes

Approval of minutes

Motion to approve the minutes



Overview of golden sneakers program by Kathy

Opportunities for canvassing and phone banking

Look at SVYD Facebook for our endorsed candidates and their schedules walks

Additional phone banking and walk opportunities available for key state assembly and senate races


Jonathan speaking on props 1 and 2 for housing; no on prop 6 to keep SB 1

Brief comments on Measure V and T for leveraging state housing and transportation funds

Motions to endorse:

Measure V




Measure T




Yes Prop 1




Yes Prop 2




No Prop 6




8:27 PM adjourn


Agenda 2018-06-25

SVYD Agenda
Monday, June 25, 2018
Dem HQ

Call to order
Approval of minutes
Review of Primary Results
Officer Reports
President Emily Ramos
Political Director Angel Martinez
Membership Director Jesus Salazar
Treasurer Alex Petrosky
Independence Day Fundraiser
Secretary Kathy Tran
New business
SVYD Executive Board elections

Minutes – 4/16/2018

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

4/16/2018 Monday



Members In Attendance: Angelica Ramos, Ryan Globus, Kathy Tran, Michael Vargas, Jose Magana, Antonia Zavala, Natalia Lima, Emily Ramos, Alex Petrosky, Angel Martinez, Bruce Huynh, Cassie Mancini, Frank Ponciano, Lucas Ramirez, Tara Sreekrishnan, Jules Brouillet, Patrick Ahrens


Meeting Called into order by President Ramos at 7:11 pm


Board of Supervisors Speeches     

Dominic Casaerta (5 mins)

Jason Baker (5 mins)

Susan Ellenberg (5 mins)


Consent calendar

John Hirokawa for Sheriff (5 mins)


Welcomes and introductions


Approval of the minutes: Lucas Ramirez, seconded: Cassie Mancini


2018 June Primary Endorsement Consent Calendar – Angel Martinez

  • Recommendations from the endorsement committee:
    • Susan Ellenberg for Supervisor, District 4
    • John Hirokawa for Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Discussion
  • Motion to approve consent calendar by Patrick Ahrens, seconded by Cassie.
  • 11-1-1
  • Consent calendar passes


Motion to endorse Maya Esparza for City Council District 7 by Patrick Ahrens, seconded by Lucas Ramirez.


The motion to endorse Maya Esparza passes.


Motion to endorse Bruce Huynh for Alum Rock School Board by Lucas Ramirez, seconded by Frank Ponciano.


Bruce speech 5 mins


The Motion Passes.

Announcement: May 19th – Malcolm X Day, Campaign Kickoff


Endorsements – Led by Political Director

  • Measure A
    • Yes on Measure A – 5 min speech
    • No on Measure A – 5 min speech
    • Discussion Period for 15 mins
    • Motion on the floor by Emily Ramos for Yes on Measure A, motion seconded by Michael Vargas.  
    • 3-5-5
    • Motion fails.
    • Motion in support of No on Measure A by Tara Sreekrishnan, Frank seconded.  
    • Call in question.
    • Roll Call vote:
      • Angelica Ramos: No
      • Ryan Globus: No
      • Kathy Tran: Yes
      • Michael: No
      • Antonia: No
      • Natalia: Yes
      • Tara: Yes
      • Bruce Huynh:  
      • Emily: No
      • Angel: Yes
      • Cassie: Abstain
      • Frank: Yes
      • Lucas: No
      • Ian: Yes
      • Justin: Yes
    • The motion passes.


Officer Reports:

  • President: Emily Ramos
    • Victory Dinner Young Dems after party.
  • Treasurer: Alex Petrosky
  • Vote on Bylaws Amendment.
  • Finance Committee
    • Emily proposes a motion to vote, Angel seconds. Lucas left meeting so down to 15 voting members. 12-0-3. The motion passes to amend the bylaws.  
  • Political Director: Angel Martinez
    • Fundraisers in the future!
    • Nominations for officer elections at the May meeting
    • April 18th, Mixer for Senator Kevin de Leon at Stein’s Beer Garden in Cupertino
    • Joint walk for Kalen Gallagher on April 29, 2018
  • Secretary: Kathy Tran
    • Thank you to everyone that attended the mixer on April 6, 2018
    • Social media updates – Antonia is handling Instagram.
  • Membership director: Jesus Salazar
    • Communicating with SJSU



  • Antonia Zavala: Endorsement committee need two more members.
  • Alex Petrosky: Sign up for the financial committee.
  • Jose Magana: Looking for people to also fundraise for Walk a Mile in her Shoes at Santana Row- June 20, 2018.
  • Natalia Lima: Susan Ellenberg is canvassing May 6, 10 am brunch and canvassing. Talk to Angelica and Natalia for more details.
  • Miguel Santero: International Workers Day, Roosevelt Community Center. 4 pm.  
  • Cassie Mancini: June 8, NLC Graduation. Located at SV Capitol Club. Ask her for more details.  
  • Michael Vargas: Planning and Land-Use 101 Workshop – Cindy Chavez



Motion to adjourn by Emily 9:21 pm, second by Angel Martinez  


Agenda – 5.21.2018

Call into order
Welcomes and Introductions
Approval of minutes
Endorsement of higher office incumbents
Congressional incumbents:
CD-18 – Anna Eshoo
CD-19 – Zoe Lofgren
State Senate
SD-10 – Bob Wieckowski
State Assembly
AD-24 – Marc Berman (former young dem member)
AD-27 – Ash Kalra
AD-28 – Evan Low (still a young dem!)
AD-29 – Mark Stone
Nominations for eboard members
Honoring Raul