Minutes January 18, 2019

7:00 PM Welcomes and Introductions

Meeting called into order by President Kathy Tran at 7:18 PM.

Motion by Angel Martinez, seconded by Andrew Crockett. Unanimous vote in favor.

7:20 Introduction of guest speakers Josh and Ramona (co-founders of San Jose Spotlight)

  • -San Jose Spotlight is digital only
  • -website is up!
  • -Josh is Development Director
  • -Ramona is Chief Editor
  • -Platform is free to read
  • -No pay wall or advertising
  • -All contributor information is publicly available on website for disclosure purposes
  • -focused on government and politics reporting
  • -350,000 readership goal
  • -Aiming for 3,500 contributing members
  • Side note: $25 K overhead, $372,000 salaries (3 reporters, 1 senior reporter, Josh, and Ramona)
  • Multiple levels of membership with varied benefits

7:57 Officer reports

  • Lookin for Secretary by next month
  • Holiday party update
  • Associate members
  • John Kiminsky, assoc member
  • President hoping to do more mixers this year
  • Joint-club mixers to meet other Dems
  • Membership reports


  • Highlight May Dem convention
  • Membership perks

Political Director

  • Lots of young Dems in office
  • Look to 2020 for new members and candidates


  • Asking membership to suggest good food options
  • Fundraiser to help get more funds for the club
  • Stay tuned for mixers and additional events
  • Kathy comment on potential new venue

8:11 announcements

  • -Asm. Low Lunar fundraiser on Sun., Feb. 10th with former Gov. Brown
  • 4:30-8PM
  • -Kathy moderating a panel of recently elected young Dems Feb 8th 12 to 1 PM
  • -Antonia, princess project volunteering
  • -Feb 9th fire arm safety 10AM to Noon
  • -Sup. Cindy Chavez having women’s policy leadership summit Sun., Feb 2nd 8AM to 1PM
  • -Sergio Lopez newly elected ADEM 28 delegate. Extending time to bring more youth into convention and involve in politics
  • -looking at school funding assistance with Piedmont High. Asking for urgent examination of allocated funds with neighboring schools

Adjourn at 8:20

Motioned by Antonia Zavala, Seconded by Andrew Crockett. Unanimous vote in favor.