Paid Canvasser for an Environmental Protection Campaign

Posting title: Paid Canvasser for an Environmental Protection Campaign

Location: San Jose, CA

Posting description: Temporary part-time position.


Weekly commitment: Flexible, preferably 3-4 Days a week

Pay: Performance based, $12 an hour + $1 per collected pledge

Hours: Flexible Daytime Hours

Description: Help us collect pledges to stop pollution and distribute free re-usable bags.


  • Strong work ethic is a must.
  • Strong communication and motivational skills.
  • Strong self-direction and the ability to take initiative.
  • Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese language skills a plus.

Interested candidates should contact Wilson at Please let us know in the email if you have previous canvassing experience.

Agenda – June 20, 2016

I. Welcomes, Introductions
II. Officer Reports
1. President (Alex Wara)
2. Membership Director (Emily Ramos)
3. Political Director (Justin Carvalho)
4. Treasurer (Charles Wilson)
5. Secretary (Kathy Tran)

III. Old Business
1. Primary election results

IV. New Business
1. Election of 2016-2017 SVYD Officers

V. Announcements

VI. Adjournment