Minutes: 2019-06-17

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:08, seconded by Angel Martinez, unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes

Kathy Tran motions to approve minutes from 5/20/2019. Jonathan Perez seconds. Unanimously approved.

Guest Speaker

  1. Ben Spielberg, SJUSD employee housing initiative

Officer Reports

President Kathy Tran

  • CDP/CYD convention in San Francisco last month!
    • Two Silicon Valley Young Democrats were elected to caucus executive board positions
  • Two Young Democrats were elected to the board of the SCCDP Central Committee on June 6th

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • Guidelines to become a voting member
    • There is a $20 membership fee: if you are unable to pay the fee, the board can subsidize the cost
    • Voting members must be under 35 years old: those over 35 may become associate members, but cannot vote

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • Tabling kit has not yet arrived

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Candidates are announcing and campaigns are getting off the ground
    • If you know any young Democrats who may be interested in running, let us know!

Interim Secretary Alexander Gvatua

  • Contact Alexander if you have an event you want us to promote on social media, or if you’re interested in hosting a social event– game nights, mixers, etc
  • Join us for a hike at the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve this Saturday!

New Business

  • Urge Mountain View City Council to require 25% inclusionary units for townhomes
    • Motioned by Andrew Crockett, seconded by Alex Lee
      • 12 ayes, 1 abstention
        • Motion passes
  • Consideration of endorsement for SB 5
    • Motioned by Alexander Gvatua, seconded by Emily Ramos
      • 13 ayes
        • Motion passes unanimously
  • Consideration of endorsement for SB 477
    • Motioned by Jonathan Perez, seconded by Emily Ramos
      • 11 ayes, 2 abstentions
        • Motion passes
  • Officer Nominations
    • Nominations for President
      • Angel Martinez nominates Kathy Tran, seconded by Emily Ramos
    • Nominations for Membership Director
      • Alexander Gvatua nominates Ryan Globus, Antonia Zavaa seconds
    • Nominations for Treasurer
      • Angel Martinez nominates Jonathan Perez, seconded by Andrew Crockett
    • Nominations for Political Director
      • Alexander Gvatua nominates Angel Martinez, Ryan Globus seconds
      • Justin Lardinois nominates Justin Lardinois, Angel Martinez seconds
    • Nominations for Secretary
      • Kathy Tran nominates Alexander Gvatua, Alex Lee seconds
  • Officer Elections
    • Jonathan Perez motions to elect Angel Martinez as Political Director, Alexander Gvatua seconds
      • 11 ayes (2 voting members left)
        • Motion passes unanimously
    • Emily Ramos motions to reelect incumbents for all uncontested positions and Ryan Globus for membership director, Andrew Crockett seconds
      • Motion passes unanimously


  • Kathy Tran: The Assembly Elections Committee will be hearing ACA-8, Assemblymember Low’s bill to lower the voting age to 17, tomorrow on June 18th.
    • Contact Kathy if you are interested in supporting on social media
  • Kathy Tran: Assemblymember Low will be hosting an event commemorating Pride Month in Campbell on June 21st at 8pm
  • Jonathan Perez: The MidPeninsula Regional Open Space has opened the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Preserve in Los Gatos
  • Andrew Crockett: A ceremony is being planned for mid-September to commemorate the dedication of a gravestone at the gravesite of Major Jose Ramon Pico, who fought for the Union during the Civil War
  • Alex Lee has officially announced his candidacy for Assembly District 25 and will be seeking an early endorsement at the July meeting
  • Sergio Lopez has officially announced his candidacy for Campbell City Council and will also be seeking an early endorsement at the July meeting


Kathy Tran motions to adjourn at 9:28. Angel Martinez seconds. Unanimously approved.

Agenda 06-17-2019

SVYD Meeting Agenda



  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome and introductions
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Guest Speaker
    1. Ben Spielberg, SJUSD Employee Housing Initiative
  5. Officer reports
    1. President: Kathy Tran
    2. Membership Director: Antonia Zavala
    3. Treasurer: Jonathan Perez
    4. Political Director: Angel Martinez
    5. Interim Secretary: Alexander Gvatua
  6. Old Business
    1. No old business for consideration
  7. New Business
    1. Consideration of endorsement for SB 5
    2. Consideration of endorsement for SB 477
  8. Officer elections
    1. Nominations for President
    2. Nominations for Membership Director
    3. Nominations for Treasurer
    4. Nominations for Political Director
    5. Nominations for Secretary
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment