Minutes: 2019-06-17

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:08, seconded by Angel Martinez, unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes

Kathy Tran motions to approve minutes from 5/20/2019. Jonathan Perez seconds. Unanimously approved.

Guest Speaker

  1. Ben Spielberg, SJUSD employee housing initiative

Officer Reports

President Kathy Tran

  • CDP/CYD convention in San Francisco last month!
    • Two Silicon Valley Young Democrats were elected to caucus executive board positions
  • Two Young Democrats were elected to the board of the SCCDP Central Committee on June 6th

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • Guidelines to become a voting member
    • There is a $20 membership fee: if you are unable to pay the fee, the board can subsidize the cost
    • Voting members must be under 35 years old: those over 35 may become associate members, but cannot vote

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • Tabling kit has not yet arrived

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Candidates are announcing and campaigns are getting off the ground
    • If you know any young Democrats who may be interested in running, let us know!

Interim Secretary Alexander Gvatua

  • Contact Alexander if you have an event you want us to promote on social media, or if you’re interested in hosting a social event– game nights, mixers, etc
  • Join us for a hike at the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve this Saturday!

New Business

  • Urge Mountain View City Council to require 25% inclusionary units for townhomes
    • Motioned by Andrew Crockett, seconded by Alex Lee
      • 12 ayes, 1 abstention
        • Motion passes
  • Consideration of endorsement for SB 5
    • Motioned by Alexander Gvatua, seconded by Emily Ramos
      • 13 ayes
        • Motion passes unanimously
  • Consideration of endorsement for SB 477
    • Motioned by Jonathan Perez, seconded by Emily Ramos
      • 11 ayes, 2 abstentions
        • Motion passes
  • Officer Nominations
    • Nominations for President
      • Angel Martinez nominates Kathy Tran, seconded by Emily Ramos
    • Nominations for Membership Director
      • Alexander Gvatua nominates Ryan Globus, Antonia Zavaa seconds
    • Nominations for Treasurer
      • Angel Martinez nominates Jonathan Perez, seconded by Andrew Crockett
    • Nominations for Political Director
      • Alexander Gvatua nominates Angel Martinez, Ryan Globus seconds
      • Justin Lardinois nominates Justin Lardinois, Angel Martinez seconds
    • Nominations for Secretary
      • Kathy Tran nominates Alexander Gvatua, Alex Lee seconds
  • Officer Elections
    • Jonathan Perez motions to elect Angel Martinez as Political Director, Alexander Gvatua seconds
      • 11 ayes (2 voting members left)
        • Motion passes unanimously
    • Emily Ramos motions to reelect incumbents for all uncontested positions and Ryan Globus for membership director, Andrew Crockett seconds
      • Motion passes unanimously


  • Kathy Tran: The Assembly Elections Committee will be hearing ACA-8, Assemblymember Low’s bill to lower the voting age to 17, tomorrow on June 18th.
    • Contact Kathy if you are interested in supporting on social media
  • Kathy Tran: Assemblymember Low will be hosting an event commemorating Pride Month in Campbell on June 21st at 8pm
  • Jonathan Perez: The MidPeninsula Regional Open Space has opened the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Preserve in Los Gatos
  • Andrew Crockett: A ceremony is being planned for mid-September to commemorate the dedication of a gravestone at the gravesite of Major Jose Ramon Pico, who fought for the Union during the Civil War
  • Alex Lee has officially announced his candidacy for Assembly District 25 and will be seeking an early endorsement at the July meeting
  • Sergio Lopez has officially announced his candidacy for Campbell City Council and will also be seeking an early endorsement at the July meeting


Kathy Tran motions to adjourn at 9:28. Angel Martinez seconds. Unanimously approved.