10/18/21 Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 10/18/21   Call to Order by Allie Hughes at 7:06PM. Approval of Minutes Allie motions to approve minutes from 9/20/2021. Alexander seconds. Unanimously approved. Officer Reports President Alexander Gvatua Vice President Allie Hughes Political Director Mustafa Arshad Membership … Continued

9/ 20/21 Minutes

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  Call to Order at 7:04 pm by Alexander Gvatua  Approval of minutes Alexander Gvatua  motion to approve the minutes at 7:05: Unanimous pass 3. Officer reports President: Alexander Gvatua Thank everyone for the recall support. Looks like we won … Continued

10/18/21 Agenda

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Call to Order Approval of minutes Officer reports President: Alexander Gvatua Vice President: Allie Hughes Membership Director: Christophe Labelle Finance Director: Ryan Globus Political Director: Mustafa Arshad Communications Director: Ali Sapirman New Business Consider Endorsements Consider endorsement for Santa Clara … Continued