SVYD 2022 Endorsements

Silicon Valley Young Democrats 2022 Endorsements



Last updated June 27, 2022.

June 27, 2022 Agenda

June 27, 2022 SVYD General Membership Meeting Agenda


Meeting will be at 7pm Pacific on Zoom.


  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of May Minutes
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President Allie Hughes
    2. Vice President Erik Poicon
    3. Membership Director
      1. Meeting Time/Place Survey
    4. Finance Director Ryan Globus
      1. July Social
    5. Political Director Mustafa Arshad
      1. June 2022 Election Update
    6. Communications Director Ali Sapirman
  4. New Business
    1. Endorsement: Santa Clara County Supervisor District 1
    2. Endorsement: San José City Council District 7
    3. Endorsement: San José Mayor
      1. Item to be heard at 8pm
    4. Endorsement: Mountain View City Council
    5. Endorsement: Sunnyvale City Council District 3
    6. Board Elections for SVYD 2022-23 Year
  5. Announcements
  6. Adjournment

May 23, 2022 Minutes

Eric Poicon calls the meeting to order at 7:20pm.


Officer Reports:


Quorum reached at 7:24pm.


Mustafa moves to approve April minutes. Passes unanimously.


New Business:

  1. Presentation of walking for endorsed candidates by Mustafa
  2. Resolution to Protect Access to Abortion Care
  3. Discussion about PPMM and ways to advocate for abortion 
    1. Planned Parenthood Volunteer Communications:*uz81et*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2NDg0MTk0ODUuQ2p3S0NBandsb0NTQmhBZUVpd0EzaFZvX1VfWDJPVWpCYlljVTlZLXo0R3JJZV9aVnFrRU1PZmYtNFpjT285MF80RzI2M3NRdW1ZT1B4b0M4NWtRQXZEX0J3RQ..&_ga=2.57038189.677837538.1653346715-144679967.1643397681
    2. Planned Parenthood Volunteer Opportunities:*uz81et*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2NDg0MTk0ODUuQ2p3S0NBandsb0NTQmhBZUVpd0EzaFZvX1VfWDJPVWpCYlljVTlZLXo0R3JJZV9aVnFrRU1PZmYtNFpjT285MF80RzI2M3NRdW1ZT1B4b0M4NWtRQXZEX0J3RQ..&_ga=2.57038189.677837538.1653346715-144679967.1643397681
    3. Brigid Alliance: 
  4. Discussion of surveys
    1. Fill out survey! 
  5. Suspension of bylaws for the consideration of endorsement for Rosemary Kamei for San Jose District 1
    1. Motion to suspend bylaws to consider endorsing Rosemary Kamei by Lucas Ramirez, seconded by Kevin Ma. Motion passes 9-0-1 yes-no-abstain.
    2. Angel moves to endorse Rosemary Kamei for D1, seconded by Christophe. Motion passes 10-1.




Meeting adjourned at 8:16pm.

April 25, 2022 Minutes

Eric Poicon calls the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


Allie Hughes moves to approve March 28 minutes, seconded by Angel Martinez. Approved unanimously.


Officer Reports

  • Membership Director Chrisophe LaBelle: SVYD year restarts July 1. Make sure contact info is update:
  • Finance Director Ryan Globus: Ballots drop soon – support our endorsed candidates
  • Political Director (Christophe for Mustafa)
  • President Allie Hughes: Supe Susan Ellenberg sent new business item #3 about sexual harrasment at state capitol


New Business

  1. Assemblymember Alex Lee bills
    1. Presentation by Maria Montchal from Assemblymember Lee’s office about AB 2053 Social Housing Act
    2. Lucas Ramirez moves to endorse AB 2053, seconded by Angel Marinez. 11-0 motion passes.
  2. Rolando Bonilla resolution to resign from San Jose city council campaign
    1. Daniel Huynh moves to endorse the resolution, seconded by Allie Hughes. 9-0 motion passes.
  3. Letter Urging CA legislature to Address Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in State Capitol:
    1. Allie Hughes moves to endorse the letter, seconded by Christophe LaBelle. 12-0 motion passes.
  4. Future general membership meeting date
    1. Eric Anciaux moves to continue at the next meeting after Board can poll membership, seconded by Ryan Globus. 10-0 motion passes.



  • Christophe: SVLG event Wednesday morning 
  • Lucas Ramirez: Eric did great job running meeting
  • Eric Poicon: Peter Ortiz walk at 10am on Saturday
  • Angel Martinez: Raul Peralez phone bank Friday April 29 5-6pm. Campaign office open house Saturday April 30. 
  • Alexander Gvatua: Second Lucas’s announcement. Rob Moore campaign kickoff Saturday afternoon for Los Gatos Town Council.
  • Daniel Cao: Rosemary Kamei is seeking volunteers for D1 election.


Eric Poicon adjourned meeting at 7:47pm.