5/17/21 Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order by Alexander Gvatua at 7:08 pm. Second by Angel Martinez.
Approval of Minutes
Alexander Gvatua motions to approve minutes from 04/19/2021. Andrew Crockett seconds. Unanimously approved.
Officer Reports

  • President Angel Martinez
    • Vaccines are now available for walk-ins, so please get your vaccine and encourage your friends and family to do so as well
  • Vice President Alexander Gvatua
    • The board will be proposing bylaw amendments to clarify our endorsement process for irregular elections and change the Secretary to the Communications Director in June
    • Board elections in June – if you are interested in running for any position, reach out to anyone on the board and we will be happy to talk about serving on the board
  • Membership Director Allie Hughes
    • Reach out if you’re thinking of running for a board position
  • Finance Director Ryan Globus
    • As things open up and the pandemic restrictions ease, look forward to more in-person events
  • Political Director Mustafa Arshad
    • The endorsement committee will soon be gearing up to interview candidates, so if you’re interested in joining and taking part, contact Mustafa at mustafa@svyd.org
  • Secretary Brenda Zendejas
    • N/A

New Business

  • Senate Housing Package: Building Opportunity for All
    • Angel Martinez motions to endorse the Senate Housing Package, Alexander Gvatua seconds
      • Motion passes unanimously
  • Consideration of early endorsement for Andrew Crockett for Assessor
    • Angel Martinez motions to table discussion until the June general membership meeting, Ali Sapirman seconds
      • 14 in favor, 5 opposed, 1 abstention
      • Motion passes

Alexander Gvatua motions to adjourn at 8:50PM