March 28, 2022 Minutes

March 28, 2022 General Membership Meeting Minutes


Allie Hughes calls the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


Early announcement from Andrew Crockett: Volunteer form for assessor campaign .
Donations to

Motion to approve the February 28, 2022 minutes by Ryan Globus, seconded by Erik Poicon. Approved unanimously.


Officer Reports

  • Acting President Allie Hughes
    • No announcements
  • Political Director Mustafa Arshad: Events for endorsed candidates
    • Peter Ortiz April 2 10am-1pm:
    • Raul Peralez Text Banking March 29 5-6pm:
  • Finance Director Ryan Globus
    • Show up for endorsed candidates


    New Business

    • Special VP Election. Erik Poicon is nominated by Angel Martinez, seconded by Alexander Gvatua. Erik elected unanimously.
    • Motion to make Allie Hughes President (no longer Acting) by Allie Hughes, seconded by Brenda Zendejas. Passes unanimously.
    • Motion to endorse San José Measure B by Lucas Ramirez, seconded by Brenda Zendejas. Passes unanimously.



  • Richard Mehlinger: Donation link:–2022-1
  • Alexander Gvatua: San Jose council agenda tomorrow to raise commercial linkage fees.
  • Angel Martinez: Raul Peralez Walk on April 16.
  • Erik Poicon: Peter Ortiz virtual fundraiser on Thursday at 6pm. Event registration at General donation at


Allie adjourns the meeting at 7:53pm.