Minutes: 2020-02-17

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order by Alexander Gvatua at 7:31PM, seconded by Angel Martinez, unanimously approved

Welcome and introductions

Intro and ice breaker

Approval of minutes

Christophe motions to approve minutes from 2/17/2020.  Kathy Tran seconds. Unanimously approved

Officer reports

President: Angel Martinez

  • Make sure to inform and invite people to SVYD meetings
  • Expand membership
  • Make sure to vote for SVYD endorsed delegates

Vice President: Alexander Gvatua

  • Endorsement committee to reconvene after March primary to interview candidates for smaller city and school board races

Membership Director: Allie Hughes

  • SVYD E-Board to create forums for young people interested in running for office
  • OCI (Orchard City Individual) at United Church of Christ in Campbell to host event
  • Young Dems at Womens Adobe Center

Finance Director: Ryan Globus

  • Bylaw changes to allow early endorsements for SVYD members first and to change the voting majority from 60% to more than 50% of the majority
  • Fundraising for SVYD happening after primaries
  • Joint happy hour with Stanford Young Democrats and Peninsula Young Democrats on Friday (2/21/20) at Patio at 7pm

Political Director: Mustafa Arshad

  • Dates to keep in mind:
  • Phone banking for Sylvia Arenas to be held in Santa Clara County Democrat Headquarters on 2/1820
  • Walk for Otto Lee on 2/22/20
  • Walk for Sergio Jimenez on 2/29/20

Secretary: Brenda Vargas

  • N/A

Old Business

  • Campaign walks for endorsed candidates
    • Need more SVYD members  to show up to joint walks  in order to show support to endorsed candidates

New business

  • Primary elections
    • Make sure to vote during primary elections and remind others
    • State now permits voters to change party affiliation on election day
  • Consideration to endorse the split roll tax amendment
    • Motion to endorse the split roll tax amendment by Andrew Crockett and second by Mustafa Arshad
    • 10 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstention
      • Motion passes
  • Consideration to endorse City of San Jose Suicide Prevention
    • Motion to endorse the City of San Jose Suicide Prevention by Jules and second by Emily
    • 12 in favor and 0 against 0 abstention
      • Motion Passes


  • Cristal Araujo running to become a representative in DNC and wants to be considered for endorsement
  • Phone banking for Sylvia Arenas happening 2/18/20
  • Contact Kathy Tran to phone bank for Bernie Sanders
  • Gov Newsom will give State of the State on Wednesday 2/19/20


Alexander Gvatua motions to adjourn at 8:20pm. Second by Jules. Unanimously approved.