Minutes: 11/16/2020

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order by Alexander Gvatua at 7:06 pm. Second by Andrew Crockett.

Approval of Minutes

Alexander Gvatua motions to approve minutes from 10/19/2020. Andrew Crockett seconds. Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports

President Angel Martinez

  • Update on Georgia Senate races

Vice President Alexander Gvatua

  • Nothing to report

Membership Director Allie Hughes

  • Nothing to report

Finance Director Ryan Globus

  • Thanks to the Young Dems who turned out to support Measure RR; after hundreds of pieces of lit being dropped, the measure was successfully passed.

Political Director Mustafa Arshad

  • Nothing to report

New Business

  • Consideration of signing on to a letter supporting Asm. Evan Low’s appointment to replace Sen. Kamala Harris
    • Motion to decline to sign on by Alexander Gvatua, second by Ryan Globus
      • 16 ayes, 2 abstentions
      • Motion passes
    • Motion to endorse Ro Khanna by Alex Dillard, second by Cristophe Labelle
      • 2 yes, 9 no, 5 abstain
      • Motion fails
    • Motion to endorse Alex Padilla by Matt Quevedo, second by Alexander Gvatua
      • 4 ayes, 4 nos, 4 abstentions
      • Motion fails
    • Motion to form ad hoc committee by Alexander Gvatua, second by Angel Martinez
      • Unanimously passes
    • Motion to hold a special meeting on Nov 30 at 7PM to hear the committee’s recommendations by Alexander Gvatua, second by Angel Martinez
      • Unanimously passes
  • Nominations and elections for Secretary of SVYD
    • Alexander nominates Brenda Zendejas, second by Allie Hughes
      • 13 ayes, 3 nos, 2 abstentions
      • Motion passes


Alexander Gvatua motions to adjourn at 9:09PM. Angel Martinez seconds. Unanimously approved.