Minutes: 2018-08-20

Silicon Valley Young Democrats
Meeting Minutes: August 20, 2018


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:17 PM.



Abby Longcor motions to approve SVYD meeting minutes from 7/16/2018, seconded by Jose Magaña. Motion passes.



President Kathy Tran

  • Logo change
    • Kathy Tran motions to table the discussion on the logo to next month, seconded by Abby Longcor.
    • 9 in favor. 3 abstentions. Motion to the table to the discussion on the logo change to next month passes.
  • SVYD Facebook Group
  • Partnerships & Survey
    • Please take advantage of the 21st Century Democratic Club discount for Young Democrats.

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • Merchandise
    • We will start a conversation about ordering after we decide on a logo.
  • New Membership Mixer
    • If you are interested in helping plan the New Membership Mixer please contact Antonia.
  • Discussion: potential new venue?
    • If you have any discussions, recommendations, or feedback, contact Antonia.

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • Food: please give Jonathan your suggestions if you know of any local businesses willing to donate food or give us a discount.
  • E-bank suggestions: Paypal charges us a substantial fee. We would like to avoid this. Please give Jonathan your E-bank suggestions between now and next meeting.

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Moving forward: please give three weeks notice and make SVYD hosts of events on Facebook
  • Bingo Card: reward system for being an active member

Secretary Cassie Mancini

  • Social Media & Endorsed Candidates Policy



Endorsement Committee Debrief

Thank you to Ryan Globus for serving as our Endorsement Committee Chair!

Consent Calendar

Justin Lardinois moves to approve the consent calendar (minus the San Jose Unified School District races), Abby Longcor seconds the motions. 

Motion passes unanimously.

  • Alum Rock School District
    • Raymond Muller
    • Brenda Zendejas
  • East Side Union School District
    • Lorena Angelica Chavez
  • Palo Alto Unified School District
    • Shounak Dharap
  • Los Gatos Unified School District
    • Courtney Monk
  • Oak Grove School District
    • Jorge Pacheco, Jr.
  • Campbell Union High School District
    • Basil Saleh
  • Mountain View City Council
    • Pat Showalter
  • Saratoga City Council
    • Anjali Kausar


San Jose Unified School District

Pulled from the consent calendar anonymously. 


Jose Magaña (Area 2): recommended candidate

Default motion to sole endorse Jose Magaña. 9 voted in favor. Motion fails.

Ryan Globus motions to sole endorse Peter Allen. Matt Savage seconds. 5 in favor. Motion fails.

Kathy Tran motions to dual endorse Peter Allen and Jose Magaña. Andrew Crockett seconds. 16 in favor. Motion passes. 


Michael Melillo (Area 4): recommended candidate

Matt Savage motions to sole endorse Brian Wheatley. Peter Ortiz seconds. 11 in favor. Motion passes.


Items not on the agenda.

Rich Tran for Milpitas City Council (reelection)

Cassie Mancini motions to endorse Mayor Rich Tran for reelection. Kathy Tran seconds. 7 in favor. Motion fails.


Kristiina Arrasmith for Campbell Union High School District (reelection)

Matt Savage motions to endorse Kristiina Arrasmith for CUHSD. Kathy Tran seconds. 14 in favor. Motion passes.





Angel Martinez motions to adjourn at 9:07. Cassie Mancini seconds. Motion passes.