Minutes: 2019-04-15

Meeting Minutes

April 15th, 2019


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:37

Approval of Minutes

Kathy Tran motions to approve minutes from 3/18/2019. Angel Martinez seconds. Unanimously approved by voice vote.

Officer Reports

President Kathy Tran

  • Kathy motions to discuss buying new tablecloth for tabling at a cost of $200
    • Motion seconded by Antonia Zavala and unanimously approved by voice vote.
    • Motion to approve advanced by Jesus Salazar, seconded by Andrew Crockett
    • Unanimously approved by voice vote.
  • Convention
    • Possibility of subsidizing Young Democrats to go to convention
    • Will be voting on new chair of California Democratic Party
  • Sponsoring Young Democrats to attend local events and workshops
    • Andrew Crockett: Inflection Point Institute is hosting an inaugural meet-and-greet on April 25th at 5:30 in Oakland
    • Kathy: SVAPADC has a 5-hour training session for people interested in running for office

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • SVYD wildflower hike on Sunday
    • Would like to host more non-political events and mixers

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Many candidates have already announced for 2020
    • Young Democrats can request early endorsements
    • First meeting with Matt Mahan, who is running for San Jose City Council District 10, on Friday
    • Plans to meet with Jenny Higgins (SJ District 10) and David Cohen (SJ District 6)

Interim Secretary Alexander Gvatua

  • Nothing to report.

New Business

  • Housing Committee update by Alexander Gvatua
    • Opposition letter to San Jose City Council consideration of weakening Ellis Act
    • Motion to approve by Alex Lee, second by Jesus Salazar
    • Motion passes with 9 votes in favor and 1 abstention
  • Kathy Tran: Update on meeting with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
    • Congresswoman Eshoo chairs the Health Subcommittee, which recently passed 6 bills on lowering prescription drug prices
    • As a result of the 2018 midterms, 21 California Representatives chair House committees or subcommittees
  • Angel Martinez: Suggestion of a committee for environmental issues
    • Reach out to Veggielution for possible guest speaker at SVYD meeting or visit to their farm
  • Antonia Zavala: Gauging interest in the possibility of an Associate Members’ mixer


  • Antonia Zavala: Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is hosting an Activist Summit on April 17th at 6pm at Crown Plaza, with a panel on organizing for 2020
    • Santa Clara County Library provides free access for members to Headspace, a meditation app
  • Jesus Salazar: Young Professionals Rotary Club seeks new members interested in community service in East San Jose
    • Next meeting on April 16th at 6:30
  • Kathy Tran: On Board Match Event on May 9th, 4pm-7pm at Sobrato Center for Non-Profits
    • Connects individuals with non-profits seeking new board members


Kathy Tran motions to adjourn at 8:49. Andrew Crockett seconds. Unanimously approved by voice vote.