Minutes: 2020-03-16

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order by Alexander Gvatua at 7:10PM, seconded by Andrew Crockett, unanimously approved

Welcome and introductions

    • Allie to do intro and ice breaker

Approval of Minutes

Angel Martinez motions to approve minutes from 03/16/2020. Ryan seconds. Unanimously approved.

Officer Reports

President: Angel Martinez

  • Election updates
    • Matt Mahan won D10 primary
    • Sylvia Arenas won her seat re-election
    • Glad that 4 out of the 6 SVYD endorsed young Dems won the primaries

Vice President: Alexander Gvatua

  • Excited about primary results
  • Future meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice

Membership Director: Allie Hughes

  • Glad everyone is keeping safe and doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19; remains positive during this uncertain time

Treasurer: Ryan Globus

  • Would appreciate feedback for first SVYD general meeting held via Zoom
  • Fundraiser, initially scheduled for this month, is cancelled
  • Fundraiser will be held via Zoom and the date is TBD

Political Director: Mustafa Arshad

  • Content about primary results
  • Consideration of endorsement for Crystal that is running for DNC

Secretary: Brenda Vargas

  • Official Democrats at SJSU club is established
  • Looking forward to socials with Dems @ SJSU and SVYD


Old Business

New business

  • Primary election results
    • City Council
      • D-2: Sergio Jimenez won re-election
      • D-4: David Cohen came in first place at 36.52% and Huy Tran came third place at 23.3%
      • D-6: Jake Tonkel (Green Party) won 27.9% and Dev Davis won at 46.8%
      • D-8: Silvia Arenas won first place at 60.5%
      • D-10: Matt Mahan won primary election
    • Magdalena Carasco D-3 Supervisor race is going to be tight
    • State Assembly District 25- Alex Lee had great showing for AD 27
    • State Senate District 15- Dave Cortese won primary
    • Measure G passed at 58.6% and Measure H failed by 62.3%
  • Huy Tran campaign update
    • Although results were not desirable, campaign had the most volunteers and was impactful
    • Thankful for SVYD support
  • Consideration of endorsement for Crystal Araujo for DNC
    • Motion to endorse Crystal Araujo for DNC by Mustafa, second by Emily Ramos
    • 11 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstaining
      • Motion passes


  • Mustafa
    • Thankful for everyone that joined the meeting;
    • Expects to continue support for SVYD endorsed candidates in November
    • Invites people to join endorsement committee
  • Angel
    • Expects to host future fundraiser at Ludwigs, local German restaurant and bar
    • Will use money to recruit and train young democrats to run for office
  • Erik
    • Complete the 2020 Census


Ryan Globus motions to adjourn at 8:40. Andrew Crockett seconds. Unanimously approved.