Minutes: 2020-06-15

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order by Alexander at 7:10 PM.

Welcome and introductions

Intro and ice breaker

Approval of minutes

Alexander Gvatua motions to approve minutes from 6/15/2020. Allie Hughes seconds. Unanimously approved.

Officer reports

President: Angel Martinez
  • Hoping to have more letter writing events with Vote Forward
  • Excited to see a lot of young dems running for office
Vice President: Alexander Gvatua
  • Encourages to join the endorsement committee
Membership Director: Allie Hughes
  • Addressing BLM movement and its importance
Finance Director: Ryan Globus
  • Addressing BLM movement
  • May fundraiser went well
  • Letter writing events with Vote Forward coming up soon
Political Director: Mustafa Arshad
  • Endorsement committee going well; local races are good to get involved in.
  • Encourages joining endorsement committee
  • Letter writing campaign for Sergio Lopez
Secretary: Brenda Vargas
  • Address BLM movement importance and significance.

Old Business

  • Consideration to change bylaws amendment to allow SVYD to support progressive non-Democratic candidates
    • Motion to add American Independent Party to section 5 of SVYD bylaws by Christoph second by Angel
    • 5 in favor, 9 against, 0 abstentions
      • Motion does not pass
    • Motion to support bylaw changes as they are
    • 12 in favor, 1 against, 0 abstentions
      • Motion passes
    • Motion to support Jake Tonkel for City of San Jose, District 6 by Ali Saperman and second by Alexander Gvatua
    • 15 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions
      • Motion passes

New business

  • Fundraiser update
    • Went well. Cindy Chavez was the speaker. SYVD members paid their dues.
  • Black Lives Matter resolution
  • Consideration of endorsement for Carla Collins for D3 San José Unified School District
    • Motion to table endorsement for July meeting by Brenda and Andrew Crockett
    • Unanimously approved
      • Motion passes
  • SVYD eBoard elections for the 2020-21 year
    • Motion to re-elect Angel Martinez for SVYD President by Alexander Gvutua second by Ryan Globus
    • Motion to re-elect Alexander for SVYD Vice President by Angel Martinez second by Mustafa Arshad
    • Motion to re-elect Allie for SVYD Membership Director by Mustafa Arshad second by Angel Martinez
    • Motion to re-elect Ryan for SVYD Finance Director by Angel Martinez second by Allie Hughes
    • Motion to re-elect Mustafa for SVYD Political Director by Angel Martinez second by Ryan Globus
    • Motion to re-elect Brenda for SVYD Secretary by Angel Martinez second by Ryan Globus
    • Emily to reelect all nominees by acclimation second by Andrew crocket
    • Unanimous approval
      • Motion passes, SVYD eboard is re-elected


  • Forum about defunding the police from Alum Rock School District through Zoom on June 17 at 7pm
  • Happy hour with Supervisor Dave Cortese on June 25 at 6PM


Alexander Gvatua motions to adjourn at 8:18pm. Second by Ryan Globus. Unanimously approved.