Minutes 3/15/21


Meeting Minutes

  • Call to Order by Alexander Gvatua 7 pm
  •  Alexander Gvatua motion to the approval of minutes 2/15/20
  • Officer reports
    1. President: Angel Martinez
    2. Vice President: Alexander Gvatua
    3. Membership Director: Allie Hughes
    4. Finance Director: Ryan Globus
    5. Political Director: Mustafa Arshad
    6. Secretary: Brenda Zendejas (absent)
  • CDP Chair Candidate Forum

    1. Delaine Eastin introduction
    2. Rusty Hicks introduction
    3. Motion to endorse  Delain Eastin   motion fails
    4. Motion to  make no endorsemenst and motion passes
    5. Alexander Gvatua motions to adjourn. Unanimously approved