Alex Wara called to order at 7:20 p.m.
Agenda approved
Motion by Jeff Cardenas
Joshua Barousse second it

I Welcome and Introductions
Candidates introduce themselves:
Maya Esparza Candidate for San Jose City Council District 7
Frank Beau East San Jose School District Candidate
Rudy Rodriguez Candidate for Franklin-McKinley School District
Brian Schmidt Candidate for Santa Clara Water District
Gary Kremen candidate for Santa Clara Water District represented by Noellani Sallings
Margaret Abe-Koga candidate for El Camino Hospital Board represented by Andrew Knaack
Charles “Chappie” Jones candidate for San Jose City Council District 1 sent a representative
Assembly member Paul Fong candidate for San Jose Council District 1 sent a representative
Ellen Kamei candidate for Mountain View City Council
Pat Showalter candidate for Mountain View City Council
Mercedes Salem candidate for Mountain View City Council
Raul Peralez candidate for San Jose City Council District 3
Richard Tran candidate for Milpitas City Council
Noellani Sallings candidate for Santa Clara Unified School Board

All candidates thanked SVYD for their endorsement and others came to ask for an endorsement.

II Guest Speakers

Bill James reviews Parliamentary Procedures

It’s important to follow the bylaw so that you do not get in trouble. It is important that we allow people to express themselves so their views.

III Officer Reports

A. President (Alex Wara)
Myself and a group of other SVYD members sat through 2 weeks of interviewing candidates for our endorsement and it was challenging because there are many great candidates out there. Also please take a look at job postings because we do post them online.

B. Vice President of Membership (Emily Ramos)
Nothing quite new we sent out an email asking if you want to join other committees.
Hope everyone likes the new name tags!
I. Women’s Leadership Committee Report (Sara Godar)
Nothing new.

C. Secretary (Juan Quinones)
We are doing the voter registration I have not had many volunteers sign u to help us register voters. Please consider volunteering.

D. Treasurer (Joshua Barrouse )

Sat we will have the BAYMEC fundraiser at the Mosaic lounge after dinner ends please join us. 8pm. As for funds we have 600 dollars we are doing well but can always do much better.

E. Political Director (Jeff Cardenas)

Jeff Cardenas chair endorsement proceeding. The consent calendar shows the endorsement committee’s recommendation.

Consent Calendar
Berryessa School District
David Cohen

Campbell City Council
Rich Waterman
Celeste Flores

El Camino Hospital District
Margaret Abe-Koga

Mountain View City Council
Ellen Kamei
Pat Showalter
Mercedes Salem

Milpitas City Council
Richard Tran

San Jose Council District 1
Paul Fong

San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Dr. Jeffrey Lease

San Jose Unified School District
No recommendation

Santa Clara City Council
Dominic Caserta

Santa Clara Unified School District
Noellani Sallings
Jodi Muirhead

Santa Clara Valley Water District
No recomendation

West Valley-Mission Community College District
Anne Kepner

State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tom Torlakson

State Board of Equalization District 2
Fiona Ma

Insurance Commissioner
Dave Jones

Attorney General
Kamala Harris

John Chiang

Betty Yee

Secretary of State
Alex Padilla

Lieutenant Governor
Gavin Newsom

Jerry Bown

Bond Measure – Measure H – Santa Clara Unified School District
Boned Measure – Measure I – East Side Union High School
Parcel Tax – Measure J Fremont Union High School District
Bond Measure – Measure K – Fremont Union High School District
Bond Measure – Measure L – Berryessa School District
Bond Measure – Measure M – Evergren School District
Bond Measure – Measure N – Los Altos School District
Bond Measure – Measure O – Alum Rock
Bond Measure – Measure P – Oak Grove

Patrick Ahrens pulled the water board race
Amanda Montez pulled the Milpitas City Council Race
Omar Torres pulled the San Jose Unified School Board

Lucas Ramirez motion to pass consent calendar without pulled races
17 votes needed for the motion to pass
No Discussion
All in favor of moving the motion to pass the consent calendar and it unanimously passes.

Patrick Ahrens motions for a sole endorsement for Gary Kremen and Matt Savage seconds

Angelica Ramos called to question
18 in favor to endorse Gary Kremen
Abstain 5

Motion Passes
SVYD endorses Gary Kremen for Santa Clara Water Board

Milpitas council endorsement
Emily spoke on behalf of endorsement committee.
“The endorsement committee indicated that he has a bright future ahead of himself and that he performed well and was better than when he came to speak at our general membership.”

Amanda moves to not endorse Richard Tran
Lucas second Amanda’s motion

In favor of no endorsement 16
Oppose 5
Abstain 7

Motion Fails

Jeff motion to endorse
Emily seconds it

28 oppose
Motion Fails

Angelica motions to reconsider all candidates running in Milpitas
Lucia 2nd it
Motion passes
1 abstains

San Jose Unified District candidates Richard Garcia and Susan Ellenberg asked for endorsement

Jeff says that all are great
Emily mentioned that we could not decide who to endorse because they were all great so we left them to you to decide.

Omar motion to endorse Rich Garcia
Raul seconds

Amanda offered an amendment to Omar’s motion to also endorse Susan Ellenberg. Omar accepts the amendment.

Jesus Gomez called to question
Support 16
Oppose 2
Motion Passes
SVYD endorses Rich Garcia and Susan Ellenberg for San Jose Unified School District

Omar motioned to support measure Q
Jesus second it

Omar called question if they can vote for measure Q and Frank Bieel and Rudy Rodriguez

By the discretion of the chair, motion passes.


Gary Kremen is hiring please see me if you’re interested
Amanda there will fundraiser for Mark Stone if you are interested please talk to me.
Madeline Case would like to know if anyone is interested in getting elected officials and candidates to sign the open pledge

Jeff motion to end meeting
Motion second by Emily
Meeting adjourn at 9:10pm