August 29, 2022 Minutes

August 29, 2022

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of July Minutes
  3. Officer Reports
  • President Allie Hughes
  • Vice President Erik Poicon
  • Membership Director Christophe LaBelle
  • Finance Director Ryan Globus
  • Political Director Neil McClintick
  • Communications Director Jaria Jaug
  1. New Business
  • Rank Choice Voting: Gave presentation
  • Endorsements
    • Oak Grove School District
      • Trustee, Dr.Taunya Jaco – Endorsed
    • Santa Clara City Mayor
      • Councilmember Anthony Becker – Endorsed
    • Milpitas City Mayor
      • Councilmember Karina Dominguez – Endorsed
      • Councilmember Anthony Phan
    • San José Unified Area 2 Trustee
      • José Magaña – Endorsed
    • Berryessa Union School District
      • Jaria Jaug – Endorsed
    • Santa Clara County Board of Education Trustee Area 6
      • Maimona Afzal Berta – Endorsed

5. Old Business

6. Adjournment

Minutes – 4/16/2018

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

4/16/2018 Monday



Members In Attendance: Angelica Ramos, Ryan Globus, Kathy Tran, Michael Vargas, Jose Magana, Antonia Zavala, Natalia Lima, Emily Ramos, Alex Petrosky, Angel Martinez, Bruce Huynh, Cassie Mancini, Frank Ponciano, Lucas Ramirez, Tara Sreekrishnan, Jules Brouillet, Patrick Ahrens


Meeting Called into order by President Ramos at 7:11 pm


Board of Supervisors Speeches     

Dominic Casaerta (5 mins)

Jason Baker (5 mins)

Susan Ellenberg (5 mins)


Consent calendar

John Hirokawa for Sheriff (5 mins)


Welcomes and introductions


Approval of the minutes: Lucas Ramirez, seconded: Cassie Mancini


2018 June Primary Endorsement Consent Calendar – Angel Martinez

  • Recommendations from the endorsement committee:
    • Susan Ellenberg for Supervisor, District 4
    • John Hirokawa for Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Discussion
  • Motion to approve consent calendar by Patrick Ahrens, seconded by Cassie.
  • 11-1-1
  • Consent calendar passes


Motion to endorse Maya Esparza for City Council District 7 by Patrick Ahrens, seconded by Lucas Ramirez.


The motion to endorse Maya Esparza passes.


Motion to endorse Bruce Huynh for Alum Rock School Board by Lucas Ramirez, seconded by Frank Ponciano.


Bruce speech 5 mins


The Motion Passes.

Announcement: May 19th – Malcolm X Day, Campaign Kickoff


Endorsements – Led by Political Director

  • Measure A
    • Yes on Measure A – 5 min speech
    • No on Measure A – 5 min speech
    • Discussion Period for 15 mins
    • Motion on the floor by Emily Ramos for Yes on Measure A, motion seconded by Michael Vargas.  
    • 3-5-5
    • Motion fails.
    • Motion in support of No on Measure A by Tara Sreekrishnan, Frank seconded.  
    • Call in question.
    • Roll Call vote:
      • Angelica Ramos: No
      • Ryan Globus: No
      • Kathy Tran: Yes
      • Michael: No
      • Antonia: No
      • Natalia: Yes
      • Tara: Yes
      • Bruce Huynh:  
      • Emily: No
      • Angel: Yes
      • Cassie: Abstain
      • Frank: Yes
      • Lucas: No
      • Ian: Yes
      • Justin: Yes
    • The motion passes.


Officer Reports:

  • President: Emily Ramos
    • Victory Dinner Young Dems after party.
  • Treasurer: Alex Petrosky
  • Vote on Bylaws Amendment.
  • Finance Committee
    • Emily proposes a motion to vote, Angel seconds. Lucas left meeting so down to 15 voting members. 12-0-3. The motion passes to amend the bylaws.  
  • Political Director: Angel Martinez
    • Fundraisers in the future!
    • Nominations for officer elections at the May meeting
    • April 18th, Mixer for Senator Kevin de Leon at Stein’s Beer Garden in Cupertino
    • Joint walk for Kalen Gallagher on April 29, 2018
  • Secretary: Kathy Tran
    • Thank you to everyone that attended the mixer on April 6, 2018
    • Social media updates – Antonia is handling Instagram.
  • Membership director: Jesus Salazar
    • Communicating with SJSU



  • Antonia Zavala: Endorsement committee need two more members.
  • Alex Petrosky: Sign up for the financial committee.
  • Jose Magana: Looking for people to also fundraise for Walk a Mile in her Shoes at Santana Row- June 20, 2018.
  • Natalia Lima: Susan Ellenberg is canvassing May 6, 10 am brunch and canvassing. Talk to Angelica and Natalia for more details.
  • Miguel Santero: International Workers Day, Roosevelt Community Center. 4 pm.  
  • Cassie Mancini: June 8, NLC Graduation. Located at SV Capitol Club. Ask her for more details.  
  • Michael Vargas: Planning and Land-Use 101 Workshop – Cindy Chavez



Motion to adjourn by Emily 9:21 pm, second by Angel Martinez