Agenda – SVYD September Membership Meeting – Monday, September 23, 2013

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I. Welcome, Introductions, and approval of Agenda

II. Special speaker: Representative Zoe Lofgren

III. SVYD Officer

   A. President- Joshua Barousse (3 min)

        i. CYD Update – 2013 Tahoe Retreat

        ii. Bylaws committee – Erica (1 min)

iii. National Voter Registration Day- Tues 9/24

   B. Vice President of Membership- Brandon Li (3 min)

i. Mentorship Program

ii. Membership form

iii. Women’s Leadership Committee – Samantha (1 min)

iv. College Committee – Lucas (1 min)

    C. Secretary- Emily Ann Ramos (3 min)

i. website/social media update – Newsletter

ii. communication committee

iii. Live stream test part 2

    D. Treasurer- Amanda Montez (3 min)

         i. Financial update

ii. Finance Committee

iii. Last call for dues before endorsement

    E. Political Director- Eric Hernandez (3 min)

       i. Endorsement Update

a. Sunnyvale City Council – Committee recommendation

III. Old Business

A. Vote on change in venue

IV. New Business

A. Sunnyvale City Council Endorsement

V. Announcements

VI. Adjournment


Next Meeting: Mon, October 21, 2013 @ 7 pm- UFCW Local 5, 240 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113