Minutes: August General Membership Meeting 8/17/15

Meeting called into order by President Alex Wara at 7:15 PM.

A motion to approve the agenda was unanimous.

I. Welcomes and Introductions

II. Guest Speaker Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco

III. Officer Reports:

  • President (Alex Wara)
    • Tabling opportunities
  • Membership Director (Emily Ramos)
  • Political Director (Justin Carvalho)
    • Endorsement Committee
  • Treasurer (Charles Wilson III)
  • Secretary (Kathy Tran)

Old Business

  • Tahoe

New Business

  • Motion to endorse Andrae Macapinlac for the support of Senator Bob Wiek by Lucas Rameriez, Jeremy seconds.
  • The Endorsement Committee moves the motion to endorse and seconding Peter Allan as a D6 candidate according to our bylaws. 24 voting members were present with 19 votes voted in favor, passing the motion.

VII. Announcements

Job opportunities for unpaid internships at various offices were announced – more details can be found here.


VII. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the meeting passed unanimously. Meeting is adjourned at 9:01 p.m.



Those who were in attendance at the meeting are listed below here:

Patrick Ahrens
Peter Allen
Jeremy Barousse
Joshua Barousse
Justin Carvalho
John Comisky
Courtney Cooper
Omar Din
Paul Escobar
James Gaeta
Matthew Gloria-Dalton
Colleen Haley
Albert Hernandez
Ash Kalra
Ellen Kamei
Kieran Kelly
Anna Ko
Nicolette Lee
Cole Niblett
Peter Ortiz
Raul Peralez
Lucas Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
Angelica Ramos
Emily Ramos
Chris Ratana
Christian Sanchez
Erica Schaefer
Derrick Seaver
Alex Shoor
Omar Torres
Kathy Tran
Eddie Truong
Alex Wara
Charles Wilson
Felix Wu
Baltazar Lopez
Gary Daniels
Claudia Figueroa
Lisset Nevarez
Andrae   Macapinlac
Bravilio Chavez
Nicole Nabulsi
Zahra Staris