Minutes – June General Membership Meeting 6/16/2014

Joshua called to order at 7:17 p.m.

I. Welcome and Introductions

– Lots of new people – Yay!

II. Guest Speakers

A. Commendations from Government offices congratulating the outgoing executive board for their work this past year.

– City commendation, presented by Ash Kalra, signed by Ash Karla, Xavier Campos, Don Rocha, and Kansen Chu

– State Assembly commendation, signed by

– State senate commendation, signed by

– Congressional commendation, signed by

III. Officer Reports

A. President (Joshua Barousse)

– This Saturday, the memorial service for John Vasconcellos needs volunteers, contact Joshua if you can help.

B. Vice President of Membership (Brandon Li)

– Membership has doubled over the past year.

I. Women’s Leadership Committee Report (Alex Wara)

– Event July 10 – Hope to see you there!

C. Secretary (Emily Ramos)

– Currently live streaming. A shout out to Jordan Eldridge, our single viewer for the live stream.

D. Treasurer (Amanda Montez)

– We have over $1000 in our account. Hopefully it can be used for more great membership activities.

E. Political Director (Eric Hernandez)

– Our endorse candidates Dave Cortese (Mayor), Maya Esparza (D7), Kansen Chu (AD25), Bob Wiekowski (SD10), Mike Honda (CA-17), and especially SVYD member Raul Peralez (D3) made it past the run off. Let get ready for November!

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

A. Early Endorsements- General Election 2014 (chaired by Eric Hernandez)

Lucas Ramirez moves to early endorse Ellen Kamei for Mountain View City Council and Richard Nguyen for Campbell Union High School School Board. Angelica Ramos seconds. Motion passes by the discretion of the chair.

B. 2014-2015 Executive Board Nominations (chaired by Joshua Barrouse)

Sean Manalo moves to nominate Alex Wara for the position of SVYD president. Angelica Ramos seconds.

Amanda Montez moves to nominate Emily Ann Ramos for the position of SVYD Membership Director. Brandon Li seconds.

Sean Manalo moves to nominate Juan Quiones for the position of SVYD secretary. Matt Lin seconds.

Shain Mohammadi moves to nominate Joshua Barrouse for the position of SVYD Treasurer.

Jeffery Cardenas was nominated for the position of SVYD Political Director.

Joshua moves for the nomination period to be close.

C. 2014-2015 Executive Board Elections (Chaired by Joshua Barrouse)

Jeffery Cardenas moves for the

The new executive board for Silicon Valley Young Democrats

President: Alex Wara

Treasurer: Joshua Barrouse

Membership Director: Emily Ann Ramos

Secretary: Juan Quiones

Political Director: Jeffery Cardenas

VI. Announcements

Angelica Ramos wanted to thank SVYD for their helping in getting measure AA to pass. Truly ever vote counted.

Raul Peralez wanted to thank SVYD for it’s early support in his candidacy for San Jose City Council District 3. He will host a party next Thursday to thank his supporters.

VII. Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 8:18 p.m.