Alex Wara called to order at 7:18 p.m.

Agenda approved
Motion by Jeff Cardenas
JuanQuinones  second it

I. Welcome and Introductions
– Lots of new people – Yay!

II. Guest Speakers
Denise Peralez,: recruiting volunteers for Raul Perlaez campaign for City Council (denisekperalez@yahoo.com)
City Council Candidate for Mountain View Pat Showalter would like to get endorsement from SVYD

III. Officer Reports
A. President (Alex)
– Jeff will present slide regarding resume because our presenter was not able to make it tonight
– She went to the SVYD Mixer held at Oaklan. Alex went green went green she took public transportation.

B. Vice President of Membership (Emily Ramos)
– Membership
Hope to clean up attendance list and we will have upon your second meeting a name tag you can use to be identified. Also members need to pay dues online or in person.

I. Women’s Leadership Committee Report (Alex Wara)
– New chair elected – Sarah Godar

C. Secretary (Juan Quinones)
– Reports that he has drafted a voter registration plan for the exe board to implenment at San Jose State University during the first week of classes. Is seeking support from young deemocrats for volunteers.

D. Treasurer (Joshua Barrouse )
Is working on a Letter to ask for money to associate membership. Is looking forward to our annual holiday party in December so we can raise more funds.

E. Political Director (Jeff Cardenas)
– Participate in a state conference regarding AB 266 transgender equality
Presentation by Councilmember Chris Moylan indicates the recall campaign has five months to get all signature currently.

IV. Old Business
We do not have any more business

Mario Lopez looking to hire a field organizer for the Mike Honda for Congress Campaign
Amanda states that there is an open space authority community outreach positon available

Meeting adjourn at 8:54pm

Jeremy montioned it Charles second it 8:54pm