Minutes – Women’s Leadership Committee 5/15/2014

1) Introductions
2) Where we left off
A. Goals for WLC
i. Gaining gender parity within SVYD. Discussed how we can recruit more women
to join the club.
ii. Helping plan social/service projects for the club.
iii. Getting more women involved in the political process
B. Expanding our contact list
i. Want to add more members/organizations to the WLC email list to build
attendance at the meetings
C. Building partnerships
i. Continuing to be on the lookout for people/orgs to partner with
3) July Event
A. Discussed “Women in Tech” speakers series we will be hosting on July 10th
B. Emily will check in with The Tech to try and finalize the venue. We will use UFCW as a backup venue.
C. Alex will reach out to Darcie to fill in DAWN about progress we have made on the event and what help we will need.
4) Planning next Social Event for SVYD
A. Committee agreed to have a Bowling Night for the club. This will also serve as way to recruit members. Will have it before June membership meeting but after the election.
5) Phonebanking for Mike Honda
A. Alex updated the club that the WLC was invited to join DAWN and other organizations to phonebank for Mike Honda.
B. “Women for Mike Honda” phonebank: Friday, May 16th 5:00pm-8:00pm @ the SCC Democratic Headquarters- 2901 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 110, San Jose, CA 95128
6) Next Meeting:
A. June 11th 7pm @Lillie Mae’s House of Soul Food (1290 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara, CA)