SVYD November Membership Meeting – Monday, November 18, 2013

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Location: UFCW Local 5, 240 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

I. Welcome and Introductions

Raul Peralez just put in his papers (congrats)

II. Guest speaker: David London, eBay view video

Questions: How can we get the party or our local organization to reach out in the tech community. Answer: reach out to trade organizations like technet. Find your political minded friends and see if they work in the tech industry.

III. SVYD Officer Reports

   A. President- Joshua Barousse

        i. Santa Clara County Democratic Party updates

              a. Call to Action II: Building a Democratic Pipeline- Sat 11/9 (Alex Shor)

Focused on identifying candidates to run for City Council. Was divided up into groups like San Jose, South county, north country, etc..

Next meeting will be in December about City Council (continuation) followed by one for School Board opportunities in January.

        ii. Bylaws committee report

We took everyone input into consideration and will discuss in Old Business.

    B. Vice President of Membership- Brandon Li

i. Mentorship Program update

ii. Women’s Leadership Committee update (Emily Ann Ramos)

Next meeting will be on Thursday, at The Tech Museum of Innovation, during their After Hours program. Please get on our guestlist to get in free.

Next major event, panel – Women in Political technology in Spring. Date TBD.

     C. Secretary- Emily Ann Ramos

i. Website/social media update

      D. Treasurer- Amanda Montez

         i. Finance update

           ii. Finance Committee update

               a. SVYD 5th Annual Holiday Party- Mon 12/16

At Splash

We can have the sponsor slides at event

Jim Griffith is our first sponsor ($500 donation)

Do you know anyone who would like to sponsor?

Raffle prizes for toys?

      E. Political Director- Eric Hernandez (3 min)

       i. Sunnyvale City Council election results- 11/5

Want to thank everyone who walked for endorsed candidate. Keep momentum going. We got the results we wanted. Peter also thanked people on behalf of Jim Griffith’s campaign. Was a big difference in Gustav Larsson’s campaign.

III. Old Business

    A. Adoption of SVYD revised bylaws

Erica will lead discussion

Addendum – Change from simple majority to 60% – Unanimous

Passed bylaws: 16 yes, 1 abstain

IV. New Business

V. Announcements

VI. Adjournment 9:03 p.m.


SVYD 5th Annual Holiday Party-: Mon, December 16, 2013 @ 6 pm- Splash Video Dance Bar- 65 Post Street, San Jose.