SVYD-Women’s Leadership Committee November Meeting Minutes

SVYD-Women’s Leadership Committee

November Meeting

Wednesday, November 6th at 7pm

at the Fairmont in San Jose

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  1. Recap-‘Voices from the Trenches’

    1. What Can Change:

      1. Next time we should try not to conflict with other events.

      2. Suggested for 2014 (Election Year): March & August to avoid conflicts.

    2. What Went Well:

      1. Great speakers

      2. Timely, on track questions

  2. ‘Thank You’ Committee Outing

    1. The Tech After Hours

      1. Thursday, December 5th @7pm

      2. Emily has offered to provide the tickets and will create a google form to keep track of who is interested in attending.

  3. What’s Next?

    1. Another Panel?

    2. Suggestion: ‘Women Behind the Technology’ focusing on women who work for NGP, Nation Builder, Organizer, etc.

    3. Potential Venue:

      1. Emily will ask the Tech if we can submit a request to host the panel there.

      2. Samantha will contact the SBWC to see if we can host. But will also have to ask for 20-30 free tickets for organizing the panel since they usually charge for entry.

    4. Event in March=Collaboration

      1. Who Can We Collaborate with/Reach Out To?

        1. DAWN: Samantha will contact Darcie

        2. NWPC-SV: Emily will ask Angelica

        3. LC-SV: ?

  4. Upcoming Events

    1. Boards & Commissions Training II

    2. When: Wednesday, November 13th from 5:30-8pm

    3. Where: Mountain View City Hall Council Chambers, 500 Castro St. Mountain View