Minutes – SVYD October Membership Meeting – Monday, October 21, 2013

I. Welcome and Introductions
II. Special speakers: Steve Preminger and Bob Wieckowski
Steve Preminger went over what the local party does (Central committee meetings) and how it integrates with SVYD
Bob Wieckowski talked about the Student Bill of Rights and urges us to contact our state assemblyman to get it passed
III. SVYD Officer Reports
A. President- Joshua Barousse
i. CYD Update – 2013 Tahoe Retreat recap – It was fun
ii. Bylaws committee – Erica – Took 4 meetings to get to this point. We will also go over bylaws in New business
B. Vice President of Membership- Brandon Li
iii. Women’s Leadership Committee – Samantha – Will have an event (“Voices from the Trenches”) on Wednesday, October 23 at 7pm
iv. Education Committee – Lucas -Busy walking for endorsed canidates. Will start cultivating after election
C. Secretary- Emily Ann Ramos (3 min)
i. website/social media update – Blogs need to be original and not posted on another site.
ii. Trying to push the tagline “Innovation in Politics”
D. Treasurer- Amanda Montez
i. Financial update
September/October SVYD Financial Report :
Recent income:
Dues: $90 through PayPal
Dues: $265 cash and check
BAYMEC After-party Fundraiser: $152
Recent expenditures:
-$62.52 for September Meeting Refreshments and orchid for Congresswoman Lofgren’s Office
-$1.76 for 5 PayPal Dues Transactions
Bank Total on 10/21/2013:
iii. Finance Committee update –
E. Political Director- Eric Hernandez (3 min)
i. Sunnyvale City Council election- Tues 11/5 – We will be organizing walks until election day.
III. Old Business
IV. New Business
A. Adoption of SVYD Bylaws

The membership has decided to use some time to look over and vote on it during the next meeting. Some concerns were raised about Endorsements, specifically dual endorsements and the overreliance on robert’s rules when parts of the bylaws are not clear.
V. Announcements
VI. Adjournment
Next Meeting: Mon, November 18, 2013 @ 7 pm- UFCW Local 5, 240 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Minutes – SVYD September Membership Meeting – Monday, September 23, 2013

Minutes Download (PDF)

Called to order by Joshua Barousse on 7:16 p.m.

I. Welcome, Introductions, and approval of Agenda

II. Special speaker: Representative Zoe Lofgren

Introduced by Joshua Barousse

III. SVYD Officer Reports

   A. President- Joshua Barousse

        i. CYD Update – 2013 Tahoe Retreat: Please let us know if you plan on attending, so we can organize lodging.

        ii. Bylaws committee – Alex Wara: We have one more section to deal with (Endorsements) and will have the new bylaws ready for the general membership review before October membership meeting.

iii. National Voter Registration Day- Tues 9/24: You can re-register (for change of party or address) online.

   B. Vice President of Membership- Brandon Li

i. Membership form: Please fill out.

iii. Women’s Leadership Committee – Samantha Pedrosa: Next WLC meeting is on Wed. 10/2; Boards and Commission training event has been changed to “Voices from the Trenches” asking local electeds to talk about their first steps to running for office.

iv. College Committee – Lucas: Nothing New to report

    C. Secretary- Emily Ann Ramos

i. website/social media update – Newsletter: Results of the survey were shared

Priority issues order: 1. Voter Education and Outreach; 2. Candidate Recruitment and Training; 3. Immigration; 4. Coalition Building; 5. Boards and Commission Training; 6. Gun Control; 7. Internet Freedom/Privacy; 8. Mental Health; 9. Rising Water Rates; 10. Local Labor Issues

Majority of Membership survey takers prefer to stay in UFCW Hall for our monthly meetings.

iii. Live stream test part 2 – It works yay!

    D. Treasurer- Amanda Montez (3 min)

         i. Financial update – $1835 currently in our account. Full reports will be available starting next meeting.

ii. Finance Committee – Please contact amanda to be a part of it

iii. Last call for dues before endorsement – dues have been sideline as a requirement for this endorsement until next meeting

iv. league of conservation voters fundraiser: Please contact Amanda Montez for a flyer and more information.

    E. Political Director- Eric Hernandez

       i. Endorsement Update

a. Sunnyvale City Council – the committee recommends to endorse both Jim Griffith (Seat 3) and Gustav Larsson (Seat 1).

– Star Dormanesh spoke on behalf of Gustav Larson

– Peter Allen spoke on behalf Jim griffith

III. Old Business

A. Vote on change in venue: The General Membership voted to stay in the UFCW Hall for our monthly meetings

IV. New Business

A. Sunnyvale City Council Endorsement: The General Membership have endorsed Jim Griffith (Seat 3) and Gustav Larsson (Seat 1).

V. Announcements

VI. Adjournment 8:39

Next Meeting: Mon, October 21, 2013 @ 7 pm- UFCW Local 5, 240 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Minutes – SVYD August Membership Meeting – Monday, August 19, 2013

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I. Welcome, Introductions, and approval of Agenda

Called to order on: 7:13 p.m.

II. Special speaker: Rod Diridon

Introduced by Joshua Barousse

Rod Diridon spoke about the high speed rail. Powerpoint Presentation can be found here: HSRSummaryforSVYD

III. SVYD Officer and Standing Committee Reports

    A. Political Director- Eric Hernandez

       i. Endorsement Update – Cindy’s Swearing in ceremony. We’re proud of all of you getting Democrats into office. We will hold endorsement interviews fro Sunnyvale City Council. TBD.

   B. President- Joshua Barousse

        i. CYD Update – Retreat

Will send out an email to let us know

        ii. Bylaws committee – Alex

Have met twice. Will meet one more time. Gone over basics. Will propose next meeting.

iii. SCCDP update – Call to action

Lots of good young dem represented and shared our views

Corey PYD report – September endorsements meeting

   C. Vice President of Membership- Brandon Li

Brandon was unable to make it to the meeting due to illness. Joshua covered Brandon’s report.

i. Mentorship Program – Nothing new to report

ii. Membership form – Please fill it out if you haven’t already

    D. Secretary- Emily Ann Ramos

i. website/social media update

– Small Changes to the homepage

– New website calendar: Now includes general membership meetings, Central Committee meetings, WLC and other committees. Also added PYD membership meeting.

– Community events can be added, if information is sent

– Closing the group (522 members) –> Page (377 likes)

ii. communication committee

– Originally going to be the technology committee, but would be more useful as a standing committee filled with bloggers, historians, and parliamentarians

– Let me know if you are interested. For parliamentarian, I will need to know past experiences

– New survey out for priority of our issues (will probably do every 6 months)

– Get ready for your close-up: Group picture september meeting

iii. Live stream test – it works sort of… See the results on our YouTube page

    E. Treasurer- Amanda Montez (3 min)

         i. Financial update

We have finally close our FPPC account. It will be an administrative closure. We have settled with the FPPC, but still need to settle with the CA Secretary of State. We will most likely be able to keep the funds we have. We will be taking dues at next meeting.

    F. Standing Committees

i. Women’s Leadership Committee – Samantha Pedrosa – Set a time and place for next WLC event: October 23 at Blackbird Tavern.

ii. College Committee – Lucas Ramirez – Nothing new to report

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

A. New Resolution vote – Passed view endorsement page for more information.

B. Possible change in venue – Santa Clara County Office – General Membership wants more time to think about it. Suggest a online poll. Will vote on it next meeting

V. Announcements

Vice Mayor Jim Griffith and City Council Candidate Gustav Larsson asks for our support at the upcoming Sunnyvale City Council elections.

VI. Adjournment at 9:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Mon, September 23, 2013 @ 7 pm- UFCW Local 5, 240 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113


Minutes – SVYD July Membership Meeting – Monday, July 15, 2013

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Called to order at 7:17 p.m.


I. Welcome, Introductions, and approval of Agenda

II. SVYD Officer and Standing Committee Reports

   A. President- Joshua Barousse (3 min)

       i. Peninsula Young Democrats (PYD) report (Cory Wollbach): Partnering with Peninsula coalition for voter registration

ii. Momentum (Matt Dalton) – Provides mental health services, would like support from Young Dems, and event keynote will be by Robert Kennedy, Jr.

iii. CYD Update: We are chartered with CYD. They are trying to mobilize in 16th district elections supporting Leticia Perez. At stake democrat 2/3 majority in state senate. Bi-annual Tahoe retreat will be in November.

       ii. Bylaws committee – Time to review bylaws. President will appoint committee members. Committee will meet twice before submitting minutes at next meeting. If bylaws are not passed at next meeting, committee will meet two more times to submit for September meeting.

       iii. Moving Forward – Youngs dems will be on the ballot next spring and more awesome events are being planned.

   B. Vice President of Membership- Brandon Li (3 min)

        i. CYD API Caucus – Dues are currently being waived. Looking for new director

        ii. New membership form- will be online by tomorrow. Will send link via email.

        iii. College Committee – Launched. Lucas Ramirez will lead. Goal is to incubate College chapters until they are self sustaining

iv. New programs – Mentorships (currently hunting for mentors / form will be available to members seeking mentors soon), workshops (topics include Social Media, FPPC, Campaign organizing, nonprofits, candidate training, fundraising, policy forums, job hunting, and local political landscape), continue doing job postings, voter registration.

v. emails: We are now moving to Salsa .

    C. Secretary- Emily Ann Ramos (3 min)

i. website/social media update

a. We are now on google+. This will allow the possibility of live streaming meetings

b. blogs will now contain job postings, agendas, and minutes

ii. technology committee

a. 2 goals: support technology needs of SVYD; become a resource for technology issues

    D. Treasurer- Amanda Montez (3 min)

        i. Financial update

a. took two trainings CA filing system

b. we were an FPPC filer since 2008

c. We will refrain from accepting our disbursing money for now

d. Bylaws will be updated to include steps to have a secure treasury and training for treasurer, clear and open process on donations and transactions

e. We will hold off on accepting dues

f. Updating membership database (Brandon’s form)

g. We are suspending all expenditures and transactions

    E. Political Director- Eric Hernandez (3 min)

        i. Endorsement Update

a. 2nd year on board and would like to thank everyone involved in the last endorsement process.

b. Volunteers are needed for endorsed canidate Cindy Chavez for GOTV. Expect email

c. Next round of endorsements will be for Sunnyvale City Council

– Gustav Larson attended last meeting

– We will ask candidates to come to meetings

– Will run a voter registration drive to support Sunnyvale elections

– 3 Open seats a large

– Issues may need be addressed like affordable housing in this election

– 2 democrats are eligible for our endorsement

        ii. H.R. 2454: Aaron’s Law

a. Bill proposed by Rep. Zoe Lofgren and is currently in committee. Purpose to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)

b. Endorsement proposed by Emily Ann Ramos

c. Opened for discussion

– Members are not too familiar with CFAA and H.R. 2454

– Jeremy Barousse points out favorable point that bill was proposed by local democrat Rep. Zoe Lofgren

– Cory Wolbach Spoke in favor of the bill and and the progressive political activist it was named after

    F. Women’s Leadership Committee – Laura Pedersen (1 min)

i. Meets monthly – 1st or 2nd Wednesday of month at Fairmont Cocktail lounge

ii. 2 goals: gender parity (via membership drives and word of mouth) and get an SVYD woman elected into office by 2016

iii. Laura will leave for Law school this fall. Samantha Pedrosa will take over

iv. Omar Torres points out SVYD history of women presidents

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

A. Get well card for active SVYD member Jordan Eldridge. He is doing fine after surgery.

V. Announcements

A. Omar Torres: D2 walk on Wednesday beginning at Santa Maria Urban Ministry

B. Christina Ramos: Library commission / friends of the library feedback needed for D5

C. Jeremy Barousse : D8 roundtable coming up

D. Star Dormanesh: member of Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women – 40th anniversary fundraiser on August 23

E. Nick: Starting back up San Jose State Democrats chapter

F. Erica Schafer: Looking for GOTV volunteers for Teresa Alvarado D2 supervisor campaign

G. Alex Wara: from Jim Beals office – community coffee (August 16), Creek Clean up (August 24), Medicare event (October)

H. Corey Wolbach: Peninsula Young Dem meeting at Cafe Barone (August 25), Old Dot Society at Charles pub 8:00 p.m. tomorrow

I. Amanda Montez: Open Spaces district fundraiser – Free food / Monte Bello open space preserve  with Jerry Hill, Jim Bell, Rich Gordon, Don Corsle

J. Eric Hernandez: Santa Maria Urban Ministry has a summer speakers program funded by the save summer grant. Past speaker was SVYD member and Campbell Union High School district board member Kalen Gallagher. Upcoming speaker will Raul. Eric is also co-hosting Young Professionals fundraiser for Cindy Chavez.

K. Joshua Barousse presented outgoing Secretary and Treasurer, Victoria Ramirez and Colleen Haley with certificates to thank them for their service.

VI. Adjournment

A. Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Next Meeting: Mon, August 19, 2013 @ 7 pm- UFCW Local 5, 240 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113