Minutes – May General Membership Meeting 5/18/2015

Meeting called to order at 7:28 p.m. by President

Agenda approved unanimously

Officer Reports

President (Alex Wara)

– Update from Convention

  • SVYD was the recipient of 2 awards: CYD Chapter of the Year and Region 7 Volunteer of the Year.
  • Next convention will be in San Jose on February 26-28.
  • Since convention will be in San Jose, SVYD will be the host CYD chapter. We will need to form a planning committee. Please let Alex know if you are interested.

Membership Director (Emily Ramos)

  • At Convention, a new Eboard was elected. Notably, we have new regional director for CBAY (that’s our region in CYD), Dyana Delfin-Polk. Since she is more based up in the north part of the bay, she has appointed Emily as her regional deputy director for the south bay. Emily will represent the clubs SVYD (Silicon Valley Young Democrats), PYD (Peninsula Young Democrats), SCYD (South Alameda County Young Democrats – the Alameda is silent), and Stanford Democrats. We hope to have a stronger voice in CYD.
  • Membership dues for the 2015-2016 year will be accepted at the next meeting.

Women’s Leadership Committee Report

  • Nothing to report

Secretary (Juan M. Quinones) – Report given by Alex

  • Plan on seeing some changes on the website

Treasurer (Joshua Barousse) – Report given by Alex

  • Rooms were paid for during convention and the credit card didn’t get declined. We’re good to go!

Political Director (Jeff Cardenas) – Report given by Alex

  • Nothing to report

Old Business

Bylaw change

  • We will be updating our bylaws with some changes to allow us to participate in certain state votes.
  • This may also allow us to vote in the pre-endorsement caucuses.

New Business

1) Nomination of 2015-2016 officers

Lucas Ramirez moved to nominate Alex Wara for President. Angelica Ramos seconded. Alex accepts nomination.

No other nominations for President.

Angelica Ramos moved to nominate Emily Ramos for Membership Director. Abby Longcor seconded. Emily accepts the nomination.

No other nominations for Membership Director.

Jonathon Padilla moved to nominate Patrick Ahrens for Treasurer. Charles Wilson III seconded. Patrick does not accept nomination.

Amanda Robinson moved to nominate Abby Longcor for Treasurer. Charles Wilison III seconded. Abby accepts the nomination.

No other nominations for Treasurer.

Justin Carvalho nominated himself for Political Director. Angelica Ramos seconded.

No other nominations for Political Director.

There are no nominations for Secretary.

Nominations remain open until the club votes in the June Election Meeting.


VII. Announcements

  • Noveed Safipour, president of PYD talks about about SB277, which PYD endorsed, and asks SVYD to endorse. Lucas Ramirez moves to endorse. Amanda Robinson seconded. Motion unanimously passes. SVYD endorses SB277.
  • Angelica Ramos thanked SVYD unanimously endorsing her for the Regional Director position for Region 7. She is grateful for the experience and support which gave her a greater understanding of the struggles that young dems and women face when they run for office. Although she did not win, the young dems should be proud that another young dem, Omar Torres, is the new regional director and she looks forward to working with him. Should young dems have any questions about Region feel free to ask Omar or Angelica.

VII. Adjournment

Gabe Carhart moved to adjourn the meeting. Nicolette Lee seconds. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting is adjourned at 8:09 p.m.