Bylaws Amendment

SVYD’s Participation in State Party Endorsements. As a chartered Democratic club, SVYD is entitled to participate in pre-endorsing conferences conducted by the California Democratic Party (“CDP”) at the regional level, as part of the CDP’s multi-step process for endorsing candidates and ballot propositions and initiatives. SVYD’s participation is governed by Article VIII, Section 3g(5)(c) the CDP Central Committee’s Bylaws (as amended November 2014), certain elements of which are described below.

1. In the year prior to the pre-endorsing process, a roster of SVYD members in good standing and duly registered as members of the Democratic Party of California as of July 1 of said year shall be submitted to specified county and state party representatives in accordance with applicable party requirements. A “member in good standing”, and the status of such members included in the roster shall be certified by a President, Vice-President of Membership or Treasurer of SVYD.

2. SVYD’s member representative(s) to a particular pre-endorsing conference shall be from a roster described above. As to those Assembly Districts in which SVYD members reside (e.g., AD 24, AD 25, AD 27, AD 28), SVYD may designate one representative who is a resident of such Assembly District for each full (not a fraction thereof) 20 members in good standing registered to vote in the Assembly District who were listed on the roster.

The SVYD President shall select the representative(s) to the pre-endorsing conference, subject to agreement of the member and approval by the membership by majority of the vote at a general membership meeting, with the objective of equally apportioning representatives between men and women to the extent possible. As SVYD members who are also members of other club(s) may only be counted for representation once, the applicable Central Committee Regional Director will assign such members to SVYD or another club’s roster in accordance with the Central Committee Bylaws.