Minutes – SVYD August Membership Meeting – Monday, August 19, 2013

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I. Welcome, Introductions, and approval of Agenda

Called to order on: 7:13 p.m.

II. Special speaker: Rod Diridon

Introduced by Joshua Barousse

Rod Diridon spoke about the high speed rail. Powerpoint Presentation can be found here: HSRSummaryforSVYD

III. SVYD Officer and Standing Committee Reports

    A. Political Director- Eric Hernandez

       i. Endorsement Update – Cindy’s Swearing in ceremony. We’re proud of all of you getting Democrats into office. We will hold endorsement interviews fro Sunnyvale City Council. TBD.

   B. President- Joshua Barousse

        i. CYD Update – Retreat

Will send out an email to let us know

        ii. Bylaws committee – Alex

Have met twice. Will meet one more time. Gone over basics. Will propose next meeting.

iii. SCCDP update – Call to action

Lots of good young dem represented and shared our views

Corey PYD report – September endorsements meeting

   C. Vice President of Membership- Brandon Li

Brandon was unable to make it to the meeting due to illness. Joshua covered Brandon’s report.

i. Mentorship Program – Nothing new to report

ii. Membership form – Please fill it out if you haven’t already

    D. Secretary- Emily Ann Ramos

i. website/social media update

– Small Changes to the homepage

– New website calendar: Now includes general membership meetings, Central Committee meetings, WLC and other committees. Also added PYD membership meeting.

– Community events can be added, if information is sent

– Closing the group (522 members) –> Page (377 likes)

ii. communication committee

– Originally going to be the technology committee, but would be more useful as a standing committee filled with bloggers, historians, and parliamentarians

– Let me know if you are interested. For parliamentarian, I will need to know past experiences

– New survey out for priority of our issues (will probably do every 6 months)

– Get ready for your close-up: Group picture september meeting

iii. Live stream test – it works sort of… See the results on our YouTube page

    E. Treasurer- Amanda Montez (3 min)

         i. Financial update

We have finally close our FPPC account. It will be an administrative closure. We have settled with the FPPC, but still need to settle with the CA Secretary of State. We will most likely be able to keep the funds we have. We will be taking dues at next meeting.

    F. Standing Committees

i. Women’s Leadership Committee – Samantha Pedrosa – Set a time and place for next WLC event: October 23 at Blackbird Tavern.

ii. College Committee – Lucas Ramirez – Nothing new to report

III. Old Business

IV. New Business

A. New Resolution vote – Passed view endorsement page for more information.

B. Possible change in venue – Santa Clara County Office – General Membership wants more time to think about it. Suggest a online poll. Will vote on it next meeting

V. Announcements

Vice Mayor Jim Griffith and City Council Candidate Gustav Larsson asks for our support at the upcoming Sunnyvale City Council elections.

VI. Adjournment at 9:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Mon, September 23, 2013 @ 7 pm- UFCW Local 5, 240 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113