Silicon Valley Young Democrats January Minutes Meeting 1/26/2015

Silicon Valley Young Democrats January Minutes Meeting

A meeting of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats was called to order on January 23rd, 2015. President Alex Wara called the meeting to order at 7:15pm.

Approval of the agenda: Motion by Kieran Kelly was made and motion was seconded to approve the agenda.

II. Officers Reports

A. President (Alex Wara)
• Updated club on Chartering

B. Vice President of Membership (Emily Ramos)
• Membership is doing great if you have not paid your membership please pay today.

I. Women’s Leadership Committee Report
No Report

C. Secretary (Juan M. Quinones)
• Please let me know if you have pictures of folks who volunteered on campaigns this past election, so I can put them on our web page.
• Also, if you have any new job announcements please let me know, so I can post them on our web page. Thank you.

D. Treasurer (Joshua Barousse)
Nothing to report.

E. Political Director (Jeff Cardenas)
• Updated Club on San Jose District Council Seat 4 special election and the clubs endorsement process.

Old Business:

A. Holiday Party
Joshua Barousse reported on funds raised from December Holiday Party

VI. New Business
A. D4 Council Race (Endorsement Committee, interviews, etc)
• Allen Chiu asked for club to consider endorsing him.
• Joshua Barousse made a motion to endorse Allen Chiu the motion was seconded but failed.

VII. Announcements
• None

VII. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9pm