Minutes: July General Membership Meeting 7/20/15

Meeting called into order by the President on 7/20/15. The agenda was unanimously approved.

Welcome and Introductions

Speaker: Milan R. Balinton – Executive Director of the African American Community Service Agency


Officer Reports:

President Alex Wara:

  • Everything is chartered. Sign up for committees in the back! We won’t be hosting rooms for convention since it’ll be in San Jose.

Membership Director Emily Ramos:

  • Updated status on membership. Announced there will be a purge for members that don’t pay their dues.

Treasurer Charles Wilson:

  • We’re in the black!

Secretary Kathy Tran:

  • Nothing new to report. Sign up for the Communications Committee!

Old business

New Business

  • Retreat Announcement by Alex Wara
  • Our speakers for the next upcoming months will be San Jose Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco, and San Jose major Sam Liccardo, respectively
  • Recommendation for endorsement for the Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument by Amanda Robinson
    • Motion on the floor to discuss the national monument campaign. Amanda Montez  seconds the motion.  Motion passes.
    • Amanda Robinson requests SVYD to write a letter to Obama to request to make this a national monument.

VII. Announcements

  • Amanda Montez announced some job opportunities available at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. Announced that on September 24 is the Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters’s Annual Awards Fundraiser. For SVYD members and elected officials, the fee is $25 to attend! Amanda talked about sponsorship opportunities available.
  • Peter Allen formally declared to run for San jose Councilmember District 6. This is an early endorsement request, and next month will be question session. This is the first announcement he has made about running for District 6.
  •  Shaian Mohammadi announced as Omar Torres’s proxy about the Region 7 CDP Meeting on July 25 at Seaside, CA.
  • Amanda Robinson invited SVYD members to a debate watch party on Aug 6.
  • Emily Ramos announced about the tech museum’s 3D printing and body show.

VII. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn meeting was passed. Meeting ended by 8:30.