Minutes – May 16, 2016

I. Welcomes , introduction

 President Alex Wara introduced motion to amend to the agenda and approve the agenda at 7:15 pm.

  • Seconded by Lucas Ramirez
  • Motion to have the letter added to the agenda by Jeff C, seconded by Justin C.

II. Guest Speaker

  • Doron Aronson – current Cambrian School District board member announcing to seek early endorsement

III. Officer reports

  • President Alex Wara = She will not be running for re-election
  • Membership Director Emily = New membership form on Jotforms and don’t forget to sign in. She will be running for reelection.
  • Political director Justin =  Sign up to walk on campaigns by our endorsed candidates. Next two weeks = Peter Allen & Josh Barousse. He also announced he will not be running for reelection.
  • Treasurer Charles = Alex delivered the report. We raised $65 dollars at the door for the JJ Dinner After Party.  
  • Secretary Kathy = Updating events as usual. 

IV. Old Business

  • JJ Dinner

V. New Business

  • Early endorsement of Richard Nguyen  
  • Early endorsement of Kalen Gallagher
  • Motion to early endorse both candidates by Lucas R.
    • Discussion. Emily called the question. Unanimously approved.
  •  Letter of support for Josh Barrouse, written by Jeff C.
    • Motion by Justin C., seconded Richard N.
    • Discussion, called the questioned: Justin C.
    • Passed all but 2 votes.
  • Nominations of officers
    • President
      • Alex W. nominated Emily R., Angelica R. seconded
    • Membership director
      • Open
    • Political director
      • Justin C nominated Mason Fong, seconded by Kalen G.
      • Lucas R. nominated Matt Savage, seconded Kalen G.
    • Secretary
      • Open
    • Treasurer
      • Matt S. nominated Charles W. for reelection, Angelica R. seconded
  • Phone banking
    • Peter Allen
    • Mike Honda
    • Ash Kalra
    • Marc Berman
    • Measure AA

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment

Motion to approve adjournment by Abby L., seconded by Lucas R.

Meeting adjourned at 7:54 PM.