Minutes: 2019-06-17

Meeting Minutes


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:08, seconded by Angel Martinez, unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes

Kathy Tran motions to approve minutes from 5/20/2019. Jonathan Perez seconds. Unanimously approved.

Guest Speaker

  1. Ben Spielberg, SJUSD employee housing initiative

Officer Reports

President Kathy Tran

  • CDP/CYD convention in San Francisco last month!
    • Two Silicon Valley Young Democrats were elected to caucus executive board positions
  • Two Young Democrats were elected to the board of the SCCDP Central Committee on June 6th

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • Guidelines to become a voting member
    • There is a $20 membership fee: if you are unable to pay the fee, the board can subsidize the cost
    • Voting members must be under 35 years old: those over 35 may become associate members, but cannot vote

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • Tabling kit has not yet arrived

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Candidates are announcing and campaigns are getting off the ground
    • If you know any young Democrats who may be interested in running, let us know!

Interim Secretary Alexander Gvatua

  • Contact Alexander if you have an event you want us to promote on social media, or if you’re interested in hosting a social event– game nights, mixers, etc
  • Join us for a hike at the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve this Saturday!

New Business

  • Urge Mountain View City Council to require 25% inclusionary units for townhomes
    • Motioned by Andrew Crockett, seconded by Alex Lee
      • 12 ayes, 1 abstention
        • Motion passes
  • Consideration of endorsement for SB 5
    • Motioned by Alexander Gvatua, seconded by Emily Ramos
      • 13 ayes
        • Motion passes unanimously
  • Consideration of endorsement for SB 477
    • Motioned by Jonathan Perez, seconded by Emily Ramos
      • 11 ayes, 2 abstentions
        • Motion passes
  • Officer Nominations
    • Nominations for President
      • Angel Martinez nominates Kathy Tran, seconded by Emily Ramos
    • Nominations for Membership Director
      • Alexander Gvatua nominates Ryan Globus, Antonia Zavaa seconds
    • Nominations for Treasurer
      • Angel Martinez nominates Jonathan Perez, seconded by Andrew Crockett
    • Nominations for Political Director
      • Alexander Gvatua nominates Angel Martinez, Ryan Globus seconds
      • Justin Lardinois nominates Justin Lardinois, Angel Martinez seconds
    • Nominations for Secretary
      • Kathy Tran nominates Alexander Gvatua, Alex Lee seconds
  • Officer Elections
    • Jonathan Perez motions to elect Angel Martinez as Political Director, Alexander Gvatua seconds
      • 11 ayes (2 voting members left)
        • Motion passes unanimously
    • Emily Ramos motions to reelect incumbents for all uncontested positions and Ryan Globus for membership director, Andrew Crockett seconds
      • Motion passes unanimously


  • Kathy Tran: The Assembly Elections Committee will be hearing ACA-8, Assemblymember Low’s bill to lower the voting age to 17, tomorrow on June 18th.
    • Contact Kathy if you are interested in supporting on social media
  • Kathy Tran: Assemblymember Low will be hosting an event commemorating Pride Month in Campbell on June 21st at 8pm
  • Jonathan Perez: The MidPeninsula Regional Open Space has opened the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Preserve in Los Gatos
  • Andrew Crockett: A ceremony is being planned for mid-September to commemorate the dedication of a gravestone at the gravesite of Major Jose Ramon Pico, who fought for the Union during the Civil War
  • Alex Lee has officially announced his candidacy for Assembly District 25 and will be seeking an early endorsement at the July meeting
  • Sergio Lopez has officially announced his candidacy for Campbell City Council and will also be seeking an early endorsement at the July meeting


Kathy Tran motions to adjourn at 9:28. Angel Martinez seconds. Unanimously approved.

Minutes: 2019-05-21

Meeting Minutes

May 20th, 2019


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7pm. Angel Martinez seconds. Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes

Angel Martinez motions to approve minutes from 4/15/2019. Jonathan Perez seconds. Unanimously approved.

Guest Speaker

Alyssa Teixeira, Days for Girls

Officer Reports

President Kathy Tran

  • Young Dems Convention is at the end of the month
    • Possibility of organizing a Convention 101 with other local Young Dems groups for folks who are going to the convention for the first time
  • Moving towards action-oriented meetings
    • Professional development activities and workshops before or after meetings– public speaking, headshots, etc
    • Call to action: help donate food or baked goods to James Lick High School students painting mural in East San Jose
      • More information here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HF9mm3bK7AtQYFgwZgUC4uyI-ioyQgpkZY_I0UJRLnE

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • No report

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • Tabling kit from Pacific Printing has been ordered
  • Coordinate carpooling between convention attendees who will not be seeking accommodations in San Francisco
  • Would like to continue using club funds to subsidize Young Dem access to events if there is interest

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Campaign season is beginning and candidates will be seeking endorsements
    • Upcoming meetings with candidates: May 23 at noon with Jenny Higgins (SJ City Council D10) and at 2 with Huy Tran (SJ City Council D4) at Roy’s Station

Interim Secretary Alexander Gvatua

  • If you have any events or announcements you want us to blast on social media, contact Alexander
  • Would like to have more social events like hikes, game nights, watch nights, etc– reach out if you have any ideas or would like to host!

New Business

  • Consideration of endorsement for AB 857 (Chiu/Santiago)
    • Motion to endorse by Patrick Ahrens, seconded by Emily Ramos
      • For: 17, Against: 0
      • Motion passes
  • Consideration of early endorsement for Matt Mahan – San Jose City Council District 10
    • Motion to discuss by Jonathan, seconded by Alexander Gvatua
    • Motion to early endorse by Matt Quevedo, seconded by Jose Magana
      • For: 17 Opposed: 1 Abstain: 1
      • Motion passes
  • Consideration of endorsement for rent protection package
    • Motion to endorse 1481 (Grayson/Bonta), 1482 (Chiu), and 36 (Bloom) by Alex Lee, second by Alexander Gvatua
      • For: 12 Abstain: 2 Against: 0
      • Motion passes


  • Jose Magana: Walk A Mile In Her Shoes on June 27 to raise money for the YWCA
    • Reach out to Jose if you’re interested in participating!
  • Julianne Park: Assemblymember Evan Low is hosting a reception in commemoration of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month on May 23 at 5pm at the Hyatt House Hotel


Kathy Tran motions to adjourn at 8:41. Jonathan Perez seconds. Unanimously approved.

Minutes: 2019-04-15

Meeting Minutes

April 15th, 2019


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:37

Approval of Minutes

Kathy Tran motions to approve minutes from 3/18/2019. Angel Martinez seconds. Unanimously approved by voice vote.

Officer Reports

President Kathy Tran

  • Kathy motions to discuss buying new tablecloth for tabling at a cost of $200
    • Motion seconded by Antonia Zavala and unanimously approved by voice vote.
    • Motion to approve advanced by Jesus Salazar, seconded by Andrew Crockett
    • Unanimously approved by voice vote.
  • Convention
    • Possibility of subsidizing Young Democrats to go to convention
    • Will be voting on new chair of California Democratic Party
  • Sponsoring Young Democrats to attend local events and workshops
    • Andrew Crockett: Inflection Point Institute is hosting an inaugural meet-and-greet on April 25th at 5:30 in Oakland
    • Kathy: SVAPADC has a 5-hour training session for people interested in running for office

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • SVYD wildflower hike on Sunday
    • Would like to host more non-political events and mixers

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Many candidates have already announced for 2020
    • Young Democrats can request early endorsements
    • First meeting with Matt Mahan, who is running for San Jose City Council District 10, on Friday
    • Plans to meet with Jenny Higgins (SJ District 10) and David Cohen (SJ District 6)

Interim Secretary Alexander Gvatua

  • Nothing to report.

New Business

  • Housing Committee update by Alexander Gvatua
    • Opposition letter to San Jose City Council consideration of weakening Ellis Act
    • Motion to approve by Alex Lee, second by Jesus Salazar
    • Motion passes with 9 votes in favor and 1 abstention
  • Kathy Tran: Update on meeting with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
    • Congresswoman Eshoo chairs the Health Subcommittee, which recently passed 6 bills on lowering prescription drug prices
    • As a result of the 2018 midterms, 21 California Representatives chair House committees or subcommittees
  • Angel Martinez: Suggestion of a committee for environmental issues
    • Reach out to Veggielution for possible guest speaker at SVYD meeting or visit to their farm
  • Antonia Zavala: Gauging interest in the possibility of an Associate Members’ mixer


  • Antonia Zavala: Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is hosting an Activist Summit on April 17th at 6pm at Crown Plaza, with a panel on organizing for 2020
    • Santa Clara County Library provides free access for members to Headspace, a meditation app
  • Jesus Salazar: Young Professionals Rotary Club seeks new members interested in community service in East San Jose
    • Next meeting on April 16th at 6:30
  • Kathy Tran: On Board Match Event on May 9th, 4pm-7pm at Sobrato Center for Non-Profits
    • Connects individuals with non-profits seeking new board members


Kathy Tran motions to adjourn at 8:49. Andrew Crockett seconds. Unanimously approved by voice vote.

Minutes: 2018-09-17

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

Meeting Minutes: September 17, 2018

Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:20 PM.


Jose Magaña motions to approve minutes. Matt Savage seconds the motion. Motion approved by voice vote.


  • Assemblymember Ash Kalra, 27th District
  • Kevin Dowling, Habitat for Humanity
  • SURPRISE: Senator Kevin de León


President Kathy Tran

  • Nothing to report.

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • New Member Mixer planned for October 5th. Ryan, Jeremy, and Jonathan are assisting Antonia in coordination.

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • SVYD will get a Zelle bank account to attempt to circumvent fees.

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • All of the SVYD endorsed candidates were endorsed by the Democratic Central Committee.

Secretary Cassie Mancini

  • Nothing to report.


  • New SVYD Logo

Emily motions to approve the logo without the establishment date. Ryan seconds the motion. Motion passes by voice vote.

  • Endorsements Review

No more candidate endorsements considered to keep the process fair and equitable.

  • Location for General Membership Meetings

Peter Allen suggests that we have a conversation with the Dem Headquarters because that space is meant for clubs (about better planning/advance notice).


  • SVYD Midterm Challenge
    • Golden Sneakers Campaign
      • Emily offers to make Christmas ornaments with the new logo as a prize
      • Ryan suggests a virtual raffle ticket for each door
    • New Members Challenge
  • New Members Mixer
    • Friday, October 5th at 55 South. Please bring a friend.
  • Overview of Select Ballot Measures
    • Presentation of Measures V & T.

Jose Magaña motions to endorse measures V & T. Matt Savage seconds the motion. 5 in favor. 6 oppose/abstain. Motion fails. SVYD will take up endorsements of Measures V & T next meeting.


Cassie motions to adjourn. Ryan seconds the motion. Motion passes by voice vote.

Meeting adjourned at 9:17 PM.

Minutes: 2018-08-20

Silicon Valley Young Democrats
Meeting Minutes: August 20, 2018


Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:17 PM.



Abby Longcor motions to approve SVYD meeting minutes from 7/16/2018, seconded by Jose Magaña. Motion passes.



President Kathy Tran

  • Logo change
    • Kathy Tran motions to table the discussion on the logo to next month, seconded by Abby Longcor.
    • 9 in favor. 3 abstentions. Motion to the table to the discussion on the logo change to next month passes.
  • SVYD Facebook Group
  • Partnerships & Survey
    • Please take advantage of the 21st Century Democratic Club discount for Young Democrats.

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • Merchandise
    • We will start a conversation about ordering after we decide on a logo.
  • New Membership Mixer
    • If you are interested in helping plan the New Membership Mixer please contact Antonia.
  • Discussion: potential new venue?
    • If you have any discussions, recommendations, or feedback, contact Antonia.

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • Food: please give Jonathan your suggestions if you know of any local businesses willing to donate food or give us a discount.
  • E-bank suggestions: Paypal charges us a substantial fee. We would like to avoid this. Please give Jonathan your E-bank suggestions between now and next meeting.

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Moving forward: please give three weeks notice and make SVYD hosts of events on Facebook
  • Bingo Card: reward system for being an active member

Secretary Cassie Mancini

  • Social Media & Endorsed Candidates Policy



Endorsement Committee Debrief

Thank you to Ryan Globus for serving as our Endorsement Committee Chair!

Consent Calendar

Justin Lardinois moves to approve the consent calendar (minus the San Jose Unified School District races), Abby Longcor seconds the motions. 

Motion passes unanimously.

  • Alum Rock School District
    • Raymond Muller
    • Brenda Zendejas
  • East Side Union School District
    • Lorena Angelica Chavez
  • Palo Alto Unified School District
    • Shounak Dharap
  • Los Gatos Unified School District
    • Courtney Monk
  • Oak Grove School District
    • Jorge Pacheco, Jr.
  • Campbell Union High School District
    • Basil Saleh
  • Mountain View City Council
    • Pat Showalter
  • Saratoga City Council
    • Anjali Kausar


San Jose Unified School District

Pulled from the consent calendar anonymously. 


Jose Magaña (Area 2): recommended candidate

Default motion to sole endorse Jose Magaña. 9 voted in favor. Motion fails.

Ryan Globus motions to sole endorse Peter Allen. Matt Savage seconds. 5 in favor. Motion fails.

Kathy Tran motions to dual endorse Peter Allen and Jose Magaña. Andrew Crockett seconds. 16 in favor. Motion passes. 


Michael Melillo (Area 4): recommended candidate

Matt Savage motions to sole endorse Brian Wheatley. Peter Ortiz seconds. 11 in favor. Motion passes.


Items not on the agenda.

Rich Tran for Milpitas City Council (reelection)

Cassie Mancini motions to endorse Mayor Rich Tran for reelection. Kathy Tran seconds. 7 in favor. Motion fails.


Kristiina Arrasmith for Campbell Union High School District (reelection)

Matt Savage motions to endorse Kristiina Arrasmith for CUHSD. Kathy Tran seconds. 14 in favor. Motion passes.





Angel Martinez motions to adjourn at 9:07. Cassie Mancini seconds. Motion passes.

Minutes: 2018-07-16

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

Meeting Minutes: July 16, 2018

Call to Order by Kathy Tran at 7:12 PM.



Patrick Ahrens motions to approval SVYD meeting minutes from June 25, 2018.

Angelica Ramos seconds the motion.

Motion passes.



Karen Hurst, Professor at San Jose City College

Working with Central Valley Indivisible to lead numerous trips to the Central Valley in August to flip CD-21 (TJ Cox) and CD-22 (Andrew Janz). Contact karen.hurst@sjcc.edu for more information.



President Kathy Tran

  • Kathy attended the CYD Statewide Leadership Conference in Oakland in June. There was no endorsement in the Lt. Governor’s race.
  • Conscious San Jose Festival: September 22nd; planning SVYD table to register voters and recruit new members
  • ACYD BBQ: South Alameda County Young Democrats will have their 3rd Annual BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday, August 4th from 3-5 PM in Hayward. Contact Kathy if you are interested in attending.

Membership Director Antonia Zavala

  • Please pay your membership dues online.
  • Contact Antonia if you wish to join the outreach/membership committee. The purpose of this committee is to acknowledge some of the amazing things that our membership is doing

Treasurer Jonathan Perez

  • Working to create a bank account separate from any Tax ID

Political Director Angel Martinez

  • Lots of endorsements are on the horizon
  • You must be a member or an associate member to receive an early endorsement
  • The endorsement committee has begun to interview candidates. Need a minimum of 5 members on the endorsement committee.

Secretary Cassie Mancini

  • Youth Takeover of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party Central Committee: youth in our community passed a number of very progressive resolutions
  • There will be a new Youth Delegate to the SCCDP Central Committee. Be sure to talk to Bill James or Judy Pipkin if you know anyone who would be good.



Joint Campaign Walk Launch for Lucas Ramirez

August 4th with special guest Senator Jerry Hill


Kevin de Leon Requests an Early Endorsement

General Discussion: Should we as a club break with precedent and endorse at the federal level?

Justin motions to allow consideration of endorsement in this race. Ryan seconds the motion.

Vote | Yes: 6, No: 9; motion to allow consideration of endorsement in U.S. Senate race fails.

Clarification: voting for early endorsement is 3/4rd or more threshold (inclusive)

Website update needed. Therefore, early endorsed folks need a total of 18 votes.


Cory Wolbach: Re-election to Palo Alto City Council

Matt Savage motions to endorse Cory Wolbach for Palo Alto City Council. Emily Ramos seconds.

Vote | Yes: 18, No: 0; motion to endorse Cory Wolbach for Palo Alto City Council passes.


Rich Tran: Re-election to Milpitas City Council

Patrick Ahrens motions to endorse. Sameer Kausar seconds.

Vote | Yes: 16, Abstentions: 4, No: 4; motion to endorse Rich Tran for Milpitas City Council fails. Endorsement Committee will take on that race.


Karina Dominguez: Milpitas City Council

Angelica Ramos motions to endorse. Patrick Ahrens seconds.

Vote | Yes: 19, Abstentions: 3, No: 0; motion to endorse Karina Dominguez for Milpitas City Council passes.


Chris Miller: Campbell Union School District

Jules motions to endorse. Matt Savage seconds the motion.

Vote | Yes: 21, Abstentions: 3, No: 0; motion to endorse Chris Miller for Campbell Union School District passes. 


Ellen Kamei: Mountain View City Council

Patrick Ahrens motions to endorse Ellen Kamei. Paul seconds the motion.

Vote | Yes: 18, Abstentions: 4, No: 0; motion to endorse Ellen Kamei for Mountain View City Council passes.


San Jose Unified School Board

Jules motions to endorse Peter Allen for San Jose Unified School Board Area 2. Emily Ramos seconds the motion.

Vote | Yes: 11, Abstentions: 6, No: 2; motion to endorse Peter Allen for San Jose Unified School Board Area 2 fails.

Patrick Ahrens motions for a dual-endorsement of Jose Magana and Peter Allen. Emily Ramos seconds the motion.

Vote | Yes: 10, Abstentions: 5, No: 5; motion to dual-endorse Jose Magana and Peter Allen for San Jose Unified School Board Area 2 fails. 

Kathy Tran motions to endorse Jose Magana. Justin seconds the motion.

Vote | Yes: 8, Abstentions: 12, No: 2; motion to endorse Jose Magana for San Jose Unified School Board Area 2 fails.



Ideas & Feedback for the 2018-2019 Year

  • Women’s Leadership Committee
  • Mixers and Social

Cassie motions for Ryan to be the SVYD Social Chair. Seconded

Vote | unanimous; motion to make Ryan SVYD Social Chair passes.

Peter Allen pledges to assist with Associate Member recruitment. Peter Allen elected Associate Member Recruitment Chair. 

Discussion: White Supremacist Posters in West Vally Cities

  • Call the police if you see any racist posters so they can fingerprint it.
  • Reach out to CAIR and the ADL.
  • A hate crime is a felony.
  • How can WE counter white nationalists? Promote what we stand for. Lawn signs? Laptop stickers?



August 4th: Walks for Lucas Ramirez, Ellen Kamei, and Karina Dominguez

Cory Wolbach offers to host a joint walk day out of his home.

See Emily Ramos to add your name to endorse Congresswoman Anna Eshoo.



Kathy Tran motions to adjourn the meeting at 9:38 PM. Angel seconds the motion.

Motion passes by voice vote.

Minutes: 2018-06-25

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

Meeting Minutes: June 25, 2018


Call back to order after the election of new officers: 19:56


Rainbow Water Tower for Pride Month with Assemblymember Evan Low

Thursday, June 28th at 7:00 PM

Campbell Water Tower

The City of San Jose voted to eliminate late fees for children using the library system

See Jose Magana for more details.

SVAPADC hosts Dinner with a Dem on July 9th at 7:00 PM in the SCCDP Headquarters

See Kathy Tran for more details.


Patrick Ahrens motions to adjourn. Emily Ramos seconds the motion.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:02 PM

Minutes – 4/16/2018

Silicon Valley Young Democrats

4/16/2018 Monday



Members In Attendance: Angelica Ramos, Ryan Globus, Kathy Tran, Michael Vargas, Jose Magana, Antonia Zavala, Natalia Lima, Emily Ramos, Alex Petrosky, Angel Martinez, Bruce Huynh, Cassie Mancini, Frank Ponciano, Lucas Ramirez, Tara Sreekrishnan, Jules Brouillet, Patrick Ahrens


Meeting Called into order by President Ramos at 7:11 pm


Board of Supervisors Speeches     

Dominic Casaerta (5 mins)

Jason Baker (5 mins)

Susan Ellenberg (5 mins)


Consent calendar

John Hirokawa for Sheriff (5 mins)


Welcomes and introductions


Approval of the minutes: Lucas Ramirez, seconded: Cassie Mancini


2018 June Primary Endorsement Consent Calendar – Angel Martinez

  • Recommendations from the endorsement committee:
    • Susan Ellenberg for Supervisor, District 4
    • John Hirokawa for Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Discussion
  • Motion to approve consent calendar by Patrick Ahrens, seconded by Cassie.
  • 11-1-1
  • Consent calendar passes


Motion to endorse Maya Esparza for City Council District 7 by Patrick Ahrens, seconded by Lucas Ramirez.


The motion to endorse Maya Esparza passes.


Motion to endorse Bruce Huynh for Alum Rock School Board by Lucas Ramirez, seconded by Frank Ponciano.


Bruce speech 5 mins


The Motion Passes.

Announcement: May 19th – Malcolm X Day, Campaign Kickoff


Endorsements – Led by Political Director

  • Measure A
    • Yes on Measure A – 5 min speech
    • No on Measure A – 5 min speech
    • Discussion Period for 15 mins
    • Motion on the floor by Emily Ramos for Yes on Measure A, motion seconded by Michael Vargas.  
    • 3-5-5
    • Motion fails.
    • Motion in support of No on Measure A by Tara Sreekrishnan, Frank seconded.  
    • Call in question.
    • Roll Call vote:
      • Angelica Ramos: No
      • Ryan Globus: No
      • Kathy Tran: Yes
      • Michael: No
      • Antonia: No
      • Natalia: Yes
      • Tara: Yes
      • Bruce Huynh:  
      • Emily: No
      • Angel: Yes
      • Cassie: Abstain
      • Frank: Yes
      • Lucas: No
      • Ian: Yes
      • Justin: Yes
    • The motion passes.


Officer Reports:

  • President: Emily Ramos
    • Victory Dinner Young Dems after party.
  • Treasurer: Alex Petrosky
  • Vote on Bylaws Amendment.
  • Finance Committee
    • Emily proposes a motion to vote, Angel seconds. Lucas left meeting so down to 15 voting members. 12-0-3. The motion passes to amend the bylaws.  
  • Political Director: Angel Martinez
    • Fundraisers in the future!
    • Nominations for officer elections at the May meeting
    • April 18th, Mixer for Senator Kevin de Leon at Stein’s Beer Garden in Cupertino
    • Joint walk for Kalen Gallagher on April 29, 2018
  • Secretary: Kathy Tran
    • Thank you to everyone that attended the mixer on April 6, 2018
    • Social media updates – Antonia is handling Instagram.
  • Membership director: Jesus Salazar
    • Communicating with SJSU



  • Antonia Zavala: Endorsement committee need two more members.
  • Alex Petrosky: Sign up for the financial committee.
  • Jose Magana: Looking for people to also fundraise for Walk a Mile in her Shoes at Santana Row- June 20, 2018.
  • Natalia Lima: Susan Ellenberg is canvassing May 6, 10 am brunch and canvassing. Talk to Angelica and Natalia for more details.
  • Miguel Santero: International Workers Day, Roosevelt Community Center. 4 pm.  
  • Cassie Mancini: June 8, NLC Graduation. Located at SV Capitol Club. Ask her for more details.  
  • Michael Vargas: Planning and Land-Use 101 Workshop – Cindy Chavez



Motion to adjourn by Emily 9:21 pm, second by Angel Martinez  


Minutes – March 19, 2018

Meeting called into order by President Emily Ramos at 7:34 PM.

Welcomes and Introductions

Motion to approve the minutes from last month by Lucas Ramirez, seconded by Matt Savage.


Young Democrats that requested early endorsements from the club:

  • Mason Fong
  • Lucas Ramirez

In order to get the endorsement, you need a 3/4 vote instead of the usual majority. The threshold was 12 votes.

Motion to endorse Mason Fong by Jose Magana, seconded by Matt Savage. The motion passes with 12 votes.

Motion to endorse Lucas Ramirez by Emily Ramos, seconded by Kathy Tran. The motion passes with 14 votes.


  • Recall Persky Campaign
  • Measure A campaign (Rank Choice Voting in Santa Clara)
  • No on Measure B campaign (Evergreen Senior Homes)

Motion by Alex Petrosky to have the Recall Persky campaign reach out to Republican groups. Motion fails.

Motion by Cassie Mancini to support and endorse the Recall Persky campaign, seconded by Jesus Salazar. Discussion about previous motion that Alex Petrosky put forth. Matt Savage calls the question. The motion to support the Recall Persky campaign passes.

Motion by Tara Sreekrishnan to table to vote on Measure A until the next meeting, seconded by Cassie Mancini.

The motion is substituted by Emily Ramos to support Measure A, seconded by Ryan Globus. The substitute motion fails.

The motion by Tara to table to vote on Measure A passes.

Angel Martinez the political director discloses that he is personally against the Measure B campaign.

Motion by Jose Magana to vote in support of the No on Measure B campaign, seconded by Matt Savage. The motion passes.


Motion to reimburse the e-board funds that paid for housing for convention by Matt Savage, seconded by Cassie Mancini. Motion passes.

Officer Reports:

President Emily Ramos: Thanks for coming.

Treasurer Alex Petrosky: Discussion of new bylaws amendment. Plans to form a financial committee and start fundraising.

Political Director Angel Martinez: Thank you for coming to the meeting and participating! Join the endorsements committee.

Secretary Kathy Tran: Save the Date, April 6 for a Young Dems mixer.

Membership Director: Let us know about tabling opportunities.


  1. Jose Magana: Support for library reducing fines.
  2. Jennie Richardson: Talk to me if you want to get involved in the Recall Persky Campaign.
  3. Michael Melillo: Anyone who is interested in forming a Blue Dog Democratic club, come talk to me.
  4. Ryan Globus: The March For Our Lives San Jose is this Saturday, March 24th. I’ll be attending with some friends, and if anyone is going, we can all meet up.


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 PM by Angel Martinez, seconded by Patrick Ahrens.

Minutes – February 19, 2018

Minutes – 2/19/18

President Emily Ramos calls the meeting to order at 7:21 pm.

Welcomes and Introductions

Political Director Elections:

Angel Martinez

Antonia Zavala


Motion to elect Angel Martinez by Kathy Tran, seconded by Ryan Globus.


Call to question: Andrae Wara-Macapinlac

Motion passes with 11 votes  

Congratulations to Angel Martinez! You are our new political director!


Officer Reports:

  • President Emily Ramos
    • Sign up for endorsement committee
  • Membership Director Jesus Salazar
  • Treasurer Alex Petrosky
  • Secretary Kathy Tran
    • SCCDP Central Committee Update
  • Political Director
    • Welcome!

Old business

  • Convention
    • CYD passes – buy them if you haven’t already!
    • Sign up for hotel room: https://goo.gl/forms/2YtnuP0iRlVWi2pC3
    • Transportation

New business

  • Candidate and Issues Meet and Greet
    • Fair Vote Project
    • Susan Ellenberg for District 4 Supervisor
    • Recall Persky Campaign
    • Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative
    • Representative from the Dominic Caserta for District 4 Supervisor Campaign
    • Representative from the Don Rocha for District 4 Supervisor Campaign
    • John Cordus from Sunnyvale advocating for SB100, the Protect Coyote Valley campaign, and also announced he is running for Sunnyvale City Council  
    • Anti-recall Persky Campaign
    • Against the Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative Campaign (Committee for Green Hills)


  • Emy Thurber: 2 slots for proxies for AD27
  • Antonia Zavala: Listening to Trump’s America Event – Saturday, February 24, 2018 12-1 pm at Convention
  • Andrae Wara-Macapinlac: update on SB16 and SB298
  • Emily Ramos: proxies to convention, next meeting  
  • Kathy Tran: Assemblymember Evan Low – Hospitality suite with Kaskade on February 24, 2018  
  • Angelica Ramos: National Women’s Political Caucus – come up with app We Said Enough.Com  
  • Jesus Salazar: SEIU National Day of Action – Right to Work Day February 26, 2018. For more information, please contact


Motion by Emily Ramos to adjourn at 8:11 pm. Seconded by Andrae Wara-Macapinlac.